Showing Rabbits

There are hundreds of people involved in showing rabbits across the world and each year many more people choose to undertake the extra responsibility and raise rabbits either for show and or commercial use. The first thing you need to know about raising rabbits is the definition of a  responsible breeder and some basic breeding facts.

Responsible Breeding:

A Responsible breeder knows what they are getting themselves into and is prepared for the task at hand. They raise their rabbits in a humane and ethical manner. A responsible rabbit breeder, is not to be mistaken as those who breed needlessly for pure amusement or out of total ignorance. They do not breed rabbits to teach children about the "birds and the bees". Nor have they made it rich by selling pets to the pet stores. In addition, rabbits do not need to have litters in order to make them better pets. So if your rabbit is a pet or household companion please spay and neuter your rabbit.

You Don't Have To Breed Rabbits To Enjoy The Show

In fact many "house rabbit" owners will find that they can enjoy the "show environment" without showing rabbits. Personally, I prefer to observe the shows rather than entertaining the notion of showing my own rabbits. This allows me to be involved with a multitude of rabbits and rabbit owners without personally increasing the rabbit population.


Before you decide to breed please read the following article:


Do I Really Want to or Need to Breed my Rabbit? by Karen Williams



Making The Decision to Show Rabbits

If showing rabbits is something you are seriously considering, I suggest that you start out by joining the "American Rabbit Breeders Association" or ARBA as it is often referred to as. You should also visit the Showbunny website for more information about showing rabbits. After that, find out where and when the local shows are being held and attend as many as possible. You will need to decide on what breed or breeds you want to show, so take a good look at all the rabbits at the various shows and talk to as many breeders as you can. You are also going to want to refer to ARBA's "Standard of Perfection" and their "Official Guide Book: Raising Better Rabbits and Cavies". (Cavy is the official and politically correct terminology for Guinea Pig. ) These books outline the various rabbit breeds along with their sizes and traits (standards), all the information which you will need when looking for a show rabbit.

Another good place to start, especially if you are a youth or a parent wanting to get their child involved with raising rabbits is through the 4H Club of Canada or if you are in BC the BC-4H Club.

After some basic preliminary research you may than choose to look into local rabbit clubs. There are generalized rabbit breeder clubs as well as clubs for specific breeds.

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