Renee Englot - Professional Storyteller
Professional Storyteller

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Once Upon a Bethlehem Night $15

Undaunted Enchantments $20

A double CD set of faerie tales - not the cleaned up versions, but early versions of some of your favourite tales from childhood. I tell Aschenputtel, an early German Cinderella, and Petrosinella, a Neapolitan story similar to Rapunzel. Also featured are Dawn Blue, Bethany Ellis, M. Jennie Frost, Pearl Ann Gooding, Kathy Jessup, and Marie Anne McClean.

The Stranger Who Snored: An Intercultural Folktale Exploration by Renée Englot $15
One story, of a stranger who visits, breaks a taboo and improves a community forever after, told fifteen ways! As part of a project with immigrant and refugee tellers, this tale was transplanted to fourteen countries from its native, Sierra Leone. A fascinating read. Great for use with immigrant and refugee groups, family literacy organizations, and classrooms.

TALES on the Wind $20
A double CD set featuring Alberta tellers sharing some of their favourite stories. My story "Treasure in the Sky" is one of the stories.