Renee Englot - Professional Storyteller
Professional Storyteller


Folk and Fairy Tale Week
  • If you’re looking for a low stress residency, this is for you! No complicated schedules, no big performances, no parent volunteers needed, no minimum number of visits per class, almost no interference with the gym schedule.
  • There are so many references to folk and fairy tales in literature and popular culture; kids need a grounding in these tales.
  • We’ll spend our time playing with story: discovering and exploring oral texts, responding to a variety of cultural traditions, developing a sense of story and experimenting with the techniques of oral storytelling.
  • Sessions will include storytelling performances, retelling activities, cross cultural comparisons, explorations of character, writing prompts, literature connections, visual art suggestions and more.
  • Kindergarten, for example, will focus on sequencing for retelling, Grade 3 will compare similar stories from different cultures, Grade 5 will look at point of view.
  • We’ll add to the fun with ‘Dress Up as Your Favourite Folk or Fairy Tale Character’ Day.
  • To wrap things up we’ll have a Folk and Fairy Tale Trivia Bowl - boys versus girls versus parents.
  • Extra challenges will get kids reading!
  • Perfect for K-6, works really well for Division III as well.
Students as Storytellers
  • Division II and III students will each learn a folktale to tell.
  • Division I students will learn a group story for performance.
  • I’ll introduce students to a wide variety of oral story types.
  • Through a variety of games and exercise we’ll develop oral presentation skills.
  • I’ll guide students through analyzing the structure of their story, character and motivation, story openings and endings.
  • Great for ELL students.
  • We’ll culminate with Story Café performances which parents can attend.
  • I must see each Div II/III class at least 5 times
  • Your residency includes a bonus half day kick off. I will come a week or two before the residency begins to perform and generate excitement amongst the students.
Story Slam
  • Division III and IV students will generate personal narratives and learn to deliver them orally, without notes.
  • We’ll work on both narrative skills and oral presentation skills.
Residency Rates

For schools in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Leduc, Beaumont and Fort Saskatchewan:
  • $3000 plus GST for a one week residency
  • $5000 plus GST for a two week residency

  • For schools outside of Greater Edmonton rates go up to cover mileage and accommodation.

General/Language Arts

A one hour program is $125 plus GST.

Division I
Folk and Fairy Tale Favourites Animal Tales

Division II
Beware of Tricksters Fairy Tales in Disguise

Division II
Fairy Tales and the Endings You’ve Never Heard Before

Division IV
Division The Old Fairy Tales

Social Studies
"Renee captivated our classes with her excellent story weaving skills. She carefully selected cultural tales and stories to exemplify various important character traits that we had been working on with our classes. Renee's gentle manner and use of voice and rhythm brought these stories to life for our children. She provided excellent teaching follow up activities for our staff, as well."
Bonnie Terlesky, teacher at Grace Martin School

Grade 3
A one hour program of traditional tales from any of the four focus countries, or try the whole series.

Grade 4
Furs and Forts Famous Albertans (meet J. Percy Page, the Edmonton Grads and Wop May)

Grade 5
The Famous Five

Grade 7
Canada’s Home Children


Storytelling to illuminate scientific inquiry


Division I - Halloween Spooktakular Division II - Wicked Witches

Division I - Holiday Hoopla Division II - Before there were Christmas Trees Division I & II - Once Upon a Bethlehem Night