Renee Englot - Professional Storyteller
Professional Storyteller

For Teachers
"The students are captivated by the storytelling and savour every moment. Through the sheer enjoyment of the presentation, they forget that they are learning!"
Paulette Holden, teacher at Meyokumin

The following are hand-outs for various teacher professional development sessions I lead. Feel free to use and adapt them.

Here is the unit plan for Story Slam in Division III & IV.

Finding Good Stories

Learning a Folktale

Science Stories and Suggestions 1-6

Stories and the Essence of Math

The following scripts are for use with Division I Language Arts. Tell and Retell builds familiarity with narrative structure.

For Your Collection

Once Upon a Bethlehem Night $15

Undaunted Enchantments $20

A double CD set of faerie tales - not the cleaned up versions, but early versions of some of your favourite tales from childhood. I tell Aschenputtel, an early German Cinderella, and Petrosinella, a Neapolitan story similar to Rapunzel. Also featured are Dawn Blue, Bethany Ellis, M. Jennie Frost, Pearl Ann Gooding, Kathy Jessup, and Marie Anne McClean.

The Stranger Who Snored: An Intercultural Folktale Exploration by Renée Englot $15
One story, of a stranger who visits, breaks a taboo and improves a community forever after, told fifteen ways! As part of a project with immigrant and refugee tellers, this tale was transplanted to fourteen countries from its native, Sierra Leone. A fascinating read. Great for use with immigrant and refugee groups, family literacy organizations, and classrooms.

TALES on the Wind $20
A double CD set featuring Alberta tellers sharing some of their favourite stories. My story "Treasure in the Sky" is one of the stories.