Renee Englot - Professional Storyteller
Professional Storyteller


For Students
"This was the best inservice [Storytelling for Numeracy or Scientific Inquiry] I have ever attended."
anonymous feedback from CEATCA teachers conventions March 2008

Renée will spend a full week with students in grades 2 through 9 at your school as a storyteller in residence. She will teach the students some of the skills of storytelling, with a focus on learning a specific story (creating and improvising stories can be more threatening and are not a focus in this workshop). By the end of the week, students will be ready to put on a story concert. Contact me to talk about how we can tailor this to meet your needs.

For Teachers and Librarians

Improving your storytelling
While I can't turn you into a professional storyteller in one session, I can give you some wonderful tips to enhance what you are no doubt already doing with your students. Relax and enjoy a story or two, then I'll give you some tips on how to learn stories and some ideas about how they can help you achieve curriculum objectives. I'll also introduce you to some wonderful resources filled with easy to tell stories to get you started.

Storytelling for Numeracy and Scientific Inquiry
Suitable for teachers in Div I and II this session looks at a unique approach to teaching a bit more about math and/or science. Renee will take teachers through a shortened version of both the storytelling for numeracy and the storytelling for scientific inquiry programs. Renée will show teachers how to lead such sessions with their students. Renee will detail some curriculum connections. Renée will suggest follow up activities. Renée will also provide story suggestions and tips on learning a story for telling. Both programs have been field tested extensively and give children great insight into what math is, where math is, what scientists do, and who can be a scientist.

For Tellers

"Making the Story Your Own"

We'll work on some great techniques for taking a folktale and adding your own unique flavour to it.

Corporate Workshops

"Perspective: The Other Side of the Story"

What happens when you take a well-known traditional tale and turn it inside out? You get the other side of the story. A great break to a day of meetings and serious topics, and a fun way to encourage perspective.

Please contact me for details on any of these workshops, most are very adaptable!