These are a few of the wonderful cruising opportunities in the Sechelt, British Columbia area. There are some excellent cruising guides available to purchase but the guidance related on the following pages is from my local experience living and sailing here.
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While I have been careful to describe the cruises as accurate as I can I take no responsibility for any errors. You must use good seamanship including up to date and proper charts, current tide and current tables and common sense.
Cruise #1 - Going to Sechelt Inlet - the inlet is one of those wonderful cruising secrets
Cruise #2 - Going into Sechelt Inlet
- The Rapids
Cruise #3 - Traveling in Sechelt Inlet
- A Great Cruising Area
Cruise #4 - To Princess Louisa Inlet
- the most beautiful inlet
Cruise #5 - Hotham Sound
- nice spots outside the inlets
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