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Sechelt,British Columbia
Sechelt Area
Sechelt is located on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada which is, in turn, about 40 miles WNW of Vancouver. There are several towns and villages on this part of the coast and they make up a total population of approximately 30,000 with Sechelt as the largest centre holding 6000. The site of Sechelt is somewhat unusual in that while it is part of the mainland coast, it is only accessible by car if you take a ferry ride of 40 minutes.
 It is a pleasant town with a coastal relaxed, friendly atmosphere and full services including a fine hospital, shopping center and quaint shops for local artisans to sell their goods. Much of the town is owned by the Sechelt First Nation who have settled most of their treaty problems and live in harmony with everyone on the coast. They have a great history and culture.
Typical Sechelt Oultlook
The house took advantage of the super setting. The view from the decks is above looking up the inlet.
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Dear Monty's Was There
My best friend passed away on May 13th, 2012 only one hour after enjoying himself as always by running in the Hidden Grove. You can see what a handsome devil he was. Super friendly, the whole neighborhood knew him. His favorite pastime besides eating was to run off the leash in the woods and to snuggle up to folks for a pat or a treat.

The Sechelt Grove Society decided to confer a special honour and the second Accessibility trail in the Hidden Grove is to be named "Monty's Way". You can see the background of the naming on the Society website at

Personal Stuff
Born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, raised in Calgary, attended University of Manitoba and University of Alberta. RCAF reserve with Harvards, Beech18s and Mustang P51s and single Otters.

I put in 40 years as an Aviation insurance underwriter, Lloyd's broker, retail broker, risk manager and, finally, senior executive with Aon Reed Stenhouse in Vancouver (Deputy Chairman World Aviation Aon, Aviation Manager for North America, Senior VP). I handled accounts all over the world including: Canada, USA, Chile, Mexico, Columbia, Spain, New Zealand, France, Australia, Italy and the only "airline" in Antarctica (see below). Once bragging I had an airline on every continent and something in over 40 countries.
Much of this can be learned about at the museum and by looking at the wares for sale in the native shops. I have provided some Links to give you more detail and pictures. For tips on cruising here see my Cruise Guides.

I started building  house in the fall of 1997 after I designed it on a computer ( 3D home computer program) and had a draughtsman turn the computer plan into working drawings and blueprints. The plans passed all the building codes and construction was finished in December, 1998 when I moved in from the big city of Vancouver. It was located in the community of Sandy Hook - about 6 AK out of the Village of Sechelt. A lovely area with great neighbours. I got very involved in just about everything community over the 16 years I lived there.

On of my busy activities is building and maintaining several web sites (See here) for charities and non-profits. And most importantly 15 years of working on the Sechelt Groves - See here

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Getting' old is no fun. In September, 2014 I sold the house and moved into a condo complex in the Village. Level entry - all on one floor - walking distance to most everything in town - nice people. Hopefully I am here for a long time.
The DC-6B is N1597F of Allcair Air Transport which hit high ground on approach in bad weather to the ice runway at Patriot Hills on Nov. 26, 1993 while being seven miles of course. It was transporting the Norman Vaughn Expedition led by 88 year old Norman Vaughn to climb Mt. Vaughn; named in his honor. (He was the chief dog musher for Admiral Byrd in 1928.) One of eight people was injured severly; four dogs were also lost in the crash. He returned in 1994 by C-130 and DHC-6 and successfully climbed the mountain with his 59 year old wife on his 89th birthday. Once at the top he said, "Life is all about your attitude. If you dream big and dare to fail, you can accomplish anything you want in life." The DC-6 can certainly testify to that.

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A particularly interesting one - it resulted in my getting to the South Pole and picking up the Kenn Borek Air account that was Canadian but had some very interesting ops in Antarctica for the US military.

The owner of Allcair was an old friend from my Wardair days.

He was a handfull with boundless energy. Springer Spaniels certainly are one of the nicest breeds around.
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