Beautiful  British Columbia

I live in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island

BC Joined the Dominion of Canada on July 20, 1871
Skiers in the mountains while a ferry cruises below, peach blossom time in the Okanogan Valley totem poles gracing old villages and the Queen Charlotte Islands. Victoria's Empress Hotel in the cosy  harbour it overlooks. Canada's Pacific province has been blessed with a long, peaceful history and a scenic heritage as yet unspoiled.
BC was settled by Indians long before the arrival of
Europeans, and their artistic traditions still flourish. White settlement was pushed forward by successive gold rushes in the 19th century, and old Barkerville has been restored to tell the tale. Today B.C. forests and mineral resources make it one of Canada's richest provinces. Mystery sasquatches in the mountains, Vancouver's Chinatown, and the Green peace Foundation are all parts of BC's mosaic. It's variety and complexity make the province quite different from other parts of Canada.


Jade is the official gem.
The Western red cedar is the provincial tree

Steller's  Jay is the provincial bird.

The Dogwood is our floral emblem

The Vancouver Sun.

The population is projected to be 4 million by 1999 and by the 1996 census was 3,724 million.

BC is red on the map and the farthest west.
Check your BC 49 ticket here

Victoria is our capital city located on Vancouver Island.
We enjoy mild seasons here on the Island with more rain than we like.
Northern B C  endures more extreme seasons.

Do you like to fish

Here you will find a map of BC and also check the highway conditions for travelling.

A map to check the weather anywhere in BC.
BC Government

I was born and raised in Powell River.

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