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Updated February 20th 2016

Pancakes and breakfasts

Beef,  Pork,  Casseroles,  Lasagna

 Chicken  Ham   Turkey  or  Seafood

Mexican and Egg Foo Yung

Veggies parsnips Eggplant Broccoli Okra etc




Kale Stew 



Home baked pork and Beans

Barbecue and barbecue Sauce

Cakes or breads or hot biscuits.

Cookies, Tarts etc


Beverages and wine making

Preserving, Canning, Jams, pickles etc.


Your Own Pasta. Egg noodles from scratch

Relish and blackberry vinegar and zucchini jam


Dinner in a pumpkin  Halloween Recipes 



Many ways to eat chia seeds

My apricots below

Hints and tricks.

If you find you are out of a spice you can always substitute for another

Herb Substitutions

Basil= Oregano or thyme

Chervil= tarragon or parsley

Chive= Green onion or leek

Cilantro =parsley

Italian Seasoning = Blend of any of these: basil, oregano, rosemary and ground pepper < BR>
Marjoram = Basil, thyme, or savoury

Mint =Basil, marjoram or rosemary

Oregano= thyme or basil

Parsley = Chervil or cilantro

Poultry Seasoning = Sage plus a blend of any of these: thyme marjoram, savoury, black pepper and rosemary.

Red pepper = Dash bottled hot pepper sauce

Rosemary =Thyme, tarragon or savory

Sage= Poultry seasoning, savory, marjoram or rosemary

Savory = Thyme, marjoram or sage

Tarragon = chervil, dash fennel seed or dash aniseed

Thyme= Basil, marjoram, oregano or savory

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