My maiden name is ROOS and
"These are my Roos Ancestors"
I started tracing my ancestors in August (1999)

I have also been researching My Mother's  Forgie Scottish  ancestors

By clicking on the names you may find a picture or more information about that individual.

Iona Helga Roos  Born August 20, 1943.
Me--- AKA Bonnie

Grace Forgie Summers: Born February 13, 1921
My Mother

Oscar Tiovo  Roos: Born June 19, 1914
My Father

Nanni Kangas: Born February 24, 1888
My Grandmother

Johan Oskar Roos: Born August 29, 1883
My Grandfather came to
Canada from Sweden.

Katarina Eriksdotter: Born June 11, 1853
My Great Grandmother

Otto Jansson Roos: Born July 13, 1854
My Great Grandfather

Katarina Jonsdotter  Born September 22, 1811
My Great Great Grandmother

Jan Peter Jonsson: Born March 24, 1810
My Great Great Grandfather

Jon Eriksson: Born in 1757
My Great Great Great Grandfather

Cajsa Karlsdotter Rost: Born September 15, 1768
My Great Great Great Grandmother

Maria Andersdotter: Born in 1744
My Great Great Great Great Grandmother

Johan-Carl Rost: Born in 1728
My Great Great Great Great Grandfather.

Johann Carl Rost  Born in Nürnberg.  Nov 24 1690 to 1731 My Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather.   

Leonhard Rost was born 1640 in Nürnberg. He died in 1724. 6 Greats

Fredrick Rost  was born around 1615 in Ottensoos. He was a butcher and a church warden. 7 Greats

Caspar Rost, 'vice innkeeper' in Ottensoos. born around 1580  8 Greats

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