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These colourful silk yarn knitting kits give a lacy, featherweight scarf. Handspun from hand-dyed silk, they make a unique fashion accessory. Each colour batch produces from 3 to 5 scarves, depending on the amount of fibre being processed. Once those scarves are sold, that exact colour pattern will never be available again.

The finished scarf weighs around 30 grams -- about one ounce. It can be folded, rolled, even crushed without wrinkling, making it excellent for travel. Because it is knitted on the bias (diagonal) it drapes wonderfully. The bias pattern combined with the special dyeing technique gives subtle diagonal stripes of colour.

Close-up view of a knitted scarf.

Dyeing and spinning this yarn is a time-consuming process. Barbara can only produce enough batches for 30 scarves in a year. The combination of unique colour blends, textured silk yarn, and low-volume hand production is what makes these kits so special.

The detail to the right shows the textured yarn and the bias knit. The knopfs stick in the loops of the stitches, very much like a button in a buttonhole. This keeps the structure stable and prevents skewing or stretching. You can see this in the image (don't worry, you don't have to "position" the knopfs -- they just naturally fall into place).

The open knit doesn't look very warm but that's deceptive. You can fold or roll the scarf to make it much thicker around your neck. It will still be completely comfortable when folded, thanks to the bias drape. Silk is also comfortable for summer wear.

If this is your first visit to the site or it's been a while since your last visit, you'll probably want to check out the buying guide next. We've got a new (and much better) image of a finished scarf. The guide also contains information that will help you decide if this is the kind of knitting project that you want.

What's New

July 07, 2006
We've added 5 new colours to our Silk Scarf Kits.

Barbara has decided to include only the Bias Garter stich pattern in her Silk Scarf Kits. The the Fisherman's Rib pattern doesn't show the texture and colours as well. Both patterns are still available on our pattern page.

What's Coming

For those who don't have the time to knit one of these kits, we hope to offer completed silk scarfs in the near future (at a significantly higher price).

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