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This is one of the home sites for members of the BEAM Robotics Soccer Project. Main topics described on this site appear on the menu to the left.

As this site will be used for exchanging ideas about design details, please don't reference it on your own web pages or broadcast it in e-mail messages.

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Please check that you're using the new URL for this site: The old URL will disappear sometime in the fall of 2000.


Jan 17, 2000
I have developed a comprehensive list of sensory needs for the robots along with possible solutions for each one. The page is listed under Design - Sensors.
Jan 12, 2000
I have completely revised the section on Robot Behaviour. There are now three main menu items: Concept, which combines material from the former "individual behaviour" and "team behaviour" pages; Field Player, which is the proposed model for the actual team players; and Goal Keeper, which is the proposed model for a specialist goal keeper.

I have also eliminated references to robot "states", replacing them with terminology that reflects the equivalent concepts in human psychology.

Dec 16, 1999
I have transcribed all my conversations with Steve Bolt, except for a satellite discussion on Specialist Players. The Ideas menu item still only appears on the home page menu.
Dec 11, 1999
A new menu item has been added under the Design heading. "Ideas" will document ideas that have not been discussed extensively on the mailing list. At the moment, the only item listed on the Ideas page is the first half of my ongoing conversation with Steve Bolt.

For now, the Ideas menu item only appears on the home page menu. As usual, I'll update the menus on the other pages as soon as I can.

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