There is more to life than a profession or a job. For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed life and all the experiences it has to offer. I had a happy childhood, a good education, good friends, a good long-term relationship, many opportunities for growth and development both personal and professional. I have spent most of my life in western Canada, and most of my professional life in Alberta and British Columbia. I have also lived for shorter periods of time in Ontario (Ottawa) and travelled to every Province in Canada, as well as the Yukon Territory. I have visited many of the States in America, and I have travelled though most of Western Europe, spending a fair bit of time in the south of France (Provence) in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It was probably living in the south of France that made me seek out a similar climate in Canada and probably why I live in the Okanagan Valley today.

I have always loved nature and the tranquillity of country life, with its fresh air, unhurried pace. I found out early on that I really don't need the intensity of the urban experience to remind me that I am alive. I love seeing the seasons unfolding, the cycle of growth and decay.

The pages rather randomly linked to this one offer various aspects of my life in the Okanagan Valley, a truly beautiful place.

Carpe diem...




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