Hi my name is Rick Merk,

I live in Vancouver Canada.

And I like to talk to people all over the world.  I enjoy doing many things like riding my motorcycle, skiing, surfing, singing and guitar and most of all I enjoy reading Christian literature and my Bible.

  I was born in Alberta Canada in 1964 and I came to Vancouver when I was four years old because my mother died and we had to come here to live with my Grandmother.  

Since then I've traveled to Hamburg Germany, all through the U.S., Mexico, Hawaii, Israel and Greece.  But I really enjoy Vancouver its very beautiful here, there is so much to see and do.

I Became a Christian in 1991, because I was afraid

 of Hell's Fire

 I Know That we will all one day die

 And its only Jesus that can save us

 I Know  Jesus wants to be,

KING of your life.

To give you some direction

And he see's every thing that we do anyway.

But some people just want to have fun and they don't want to think about GOD.

 Something to think about !

  And I pray that one day,  you'll have a testimony too !

Here's to GOD our Creator