Ridge Records

Ridge Records brings you historic CDs & DVDs.     Alfie Albo, born in 1909, remembers the first car, violin lessons 1400 feet down in the mine, playing silent movies.      Booty Griffiths remembers the first of his 83 consecutive years on skis.     Legendary goaltender Seth Martin remembers playing hocky on early Rossland rinks before going on to backstop the Trail Smoke Eaters to a World Championship as well as distinguished careers with the Rossland Warriors, Father Bowers Olympic team, the Spokane Jets and the Stanley Cup finals with the St Louis Blues.      You'll find recordings, film, written word and photos.      Most of the material is first hand accounts by the folks who lived it.     Although most of the stories originate in Rossland, with the mining that went on here in the 1890s and later, folks came here from all over the world, so stories often have connections that go far and wide.      Rossland was the original home of the Toronto Stock Exchange and the first AC generating plant in North America.      A famous police constable in Rossland, John Kirkup, was one of two models John Wayne used in creating his persona.   There was a young man named Jimmy Fuller who worked in the Rossland Mines for years whose father was James Maybrick, one of the "Jack the Ripper" suspects, and whose mother was Florence Chandler Maybrick who was condemned to death by hanging for poisoning her husband.     Tragically Jimmy died himself of accidental cyanide poisoning only two weeks before he was to be married.      Ernest Chenoweth was an eight-year-old Rossland boy who in 1900 became the youngest person in Canada ever to stand trial for murder.      Steve Sapronoff's Trail Smoke Eater sweater may have saved his life in a German POW camp during the war. You'll find all these stories and more !

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