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Click here to see The Rat's dad with his first fly caught steelie
Daryl admiring a cutthroat trout, caught in a Fraser River backwater.
Roger, with a beautiful Babine River hen steelie.
I got this large rainbow on a black Doc Spratley.
Daryl and Forrest, releasing a double header of sockeye back into the Fraser River
Stan with a nice coho, just starting to change color. Notice the kype developing.
JJ's happy with this steelie. His first.
This fish was so bright I needed sunglasses!!
Daryl with a Fraser River, nickel bright pink salmon
I think Stan is getting good at posing with fish!!
Now this is a football shaped fish!!
A dark Babine River buck
Daryl fishing the Thompson for rainbows using his 3 wt.....what a surprise...a steelie!!
Me, with a picture perfect coho!
Autumn is the time to use water boatman patterns on the lakes!!
Wayne, with another trout fooled using water boatmen
Morris, with another water boatmen fooled trout!
Hey Morris!!...find out what that eagle's using!!
Man...I love this boatman pattern!
A real boatman up close
Stan is introduced to the benefits of chironomid fishing.
Hey, way to go dad, another Bulkley steelie
A steelie caught at first light.
We pumped this fish ,JJ caught on a leech pattern. It was full of leeches.
Daryl, with a gorgeous Thompson River steelhead!!
Stan with a bright coho!
Another bright coho
Fran with a beautiful Kamloops rainbow.
Caught using a Tunkwanimid.

Fran snapped a quick pic of this nice stream-caught bow.
A nice trout caught using a sinking line and a chironomid pattern
Stan is "hooked" on snow cone and indicator fishing!
Charles is a quick learner. Here's his first of over 20 trout this day
He really took to fishing chironomids under indicators!
Yep, He's all smiles!
Yes, yes, Charles..nice fish....again!!
Here's Forrest, our resident flyfishing guru!
Another good day, eh, Forrest?
Yes, even I caught trout fishing chironomids under an indicator.
Splash!! We have re-entry!!
When the trout are onto chironomids, the action can be fast and furious!!
A bright coho caught on a bead head wooly bugger
Derek makes a trip up from California, and hooks up with a wet line chironomid
Derek hooks up again. This time with a floating line chironmid!
Rudy, with a nice spotted bow!
The reward of trolling a leech on a new lake!
Look what Daryl caught on a size 14 Ice Cream Cone!!
Brian fooled this river dolly with a muddler!
Travis, enjoying the sunshine and a summer run steelhead
Daryl, admiring a beautiful summer run!
Tony's reward...using floating line and a long leader chronomid
Eric, with a bright hatchery coho
Eric, with a big ole wild coho.
Nice kype!

Eric, with yet another nice coho!
Looks like Eric knows how to catch bows as well!
A beauty from a lake in the Merritt area!
Don with a Vancouver Island coho!
Paul and another bright Island coho!
Charles with an interior football!
I also caught some interior footballs!
Stan with a gorgeous westlope cutthroat!!
Stan and a Columbia River rainbow...nice!!
Worm fishermen look on in envy as Deb show's off a beautiful rainbow, caught on a black/red micro leech.
Video clip of the largest rainbow of our Spring trip!
Jason's last fish of this year's trip, was also his nicest!
A very warm May day, and successful chironomid fishing
Dave releases a little football!
Not my largest of the day, but a nice fish, just the same.

Non Fly-caught Section

Jigged up some nice halibut.
A day spent with Captain Caroline.
Connie and I, with 2 of 3 chinook caught that day
Caroline shows off our coho.
Fifteen minutes on the river and we were done!
Saturday morning catch at the Brown's Bay Derby.
Lots of meals out of this 60 pound halibut.
Caroline with a huge yelloweye! (snapper)
Not fishing related, but my new addiction, plus tons of fly tying material!
Caroline with a Tyee!!
Terry with a nice chinook.
Brad hoists Caroline's monster halibut!
My first archery deer, a blacktail buck
My bow and I, connect with a Nice Alberta Mule deer.
Brad gets his first kill, ever. An Alberta archery mule deer.
My brother, Rob, with his first archery Deer.
My nephew, Derek, and his 2014 archery deer.
My first black bear! Vancouver island. 100 pounds of various sausages!
Back to Alberta 2014, with my bow. The smile says it all! Second day of archery season
Alberta keeps on being good to me. 2015. Second day of archery season, again!

3 year old grandson, loves shooting his compound bow! Check out the videos below!

Will update as I get new pics!!!


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