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pbimageviewer is a PocketBook Inkview application for
viewing images.  The images can be collected in a
directory/folder, or can be archived within a
zip/cbz, rar/cbr, or tar* file. is for use with the PocketBook Pro
and 360+ models, and is for the older
3XX models.  Copy the file to /mnt/ext1/system/bin and also
to /mnt/ext1/applications and rename it to
in both cases.

To look at images collected in a directory, open the Application
tab and select pbimageviewer from there (if you copied the app
file to /mnt/ext1/applications).  Use the Directory Selection
dialog to choose the directory with the images.

To get access to zip/cbz, rar/cbr and tar* files in the
Library tab, edit /mnt/ext1/system/config/extensions.cfg to
include the new extensions:

(Note that .zip files don't seem to show up in the
Library tab even when the line above is added to the
config file.  So, just rename .zip files to .cbz files.)

The source code for the pbimageviewer program is available
in the file.  The code is meant to
be built using Sergey Vlasov's <> version
of the PocketBook SDK.  The latest version of pbimageviewer
uses libzip and libunrar to unpack archives, so those libraries
and header files must be available in your build system to
compile and link pbimageviewer.  You can get the source code
for the libraries, as well as prebuilt copies from

The source code was derived from Michail Polubisok's
excellent pbimageviewer project.  The original source
code can be got at:
Hopefully, these changes will make there way back to
Michail's source repository in some form.