Welcome to my “home” on the web.  You can order my book on the Fairservice family history or view pictures of my 1950 Jowett Javelin.




I have been researching my Fairservice ancestry on and off for about 25 years.  During this work I have found that there are five main branches of this family.  For convenience I have named four of the families by the name of the earliest parishes in which I found records.  I therefore have the branches named as:  BLANTYRE, LESMAHAGOW, KILMARNOCK, LIMERICK.  There also is a branch which changed its name to FAIRSERVIS.  After corresponding with many other Fairservice descendanats I have published my research in a book called “THE FAIRSERVICE FAMILIES FROM SCOTLAND”.


You can order my book on the Fairservice family history here




The Jowett Car Company of Bradford, Yorkshire, England manufactured cars from 1905 until its close in 1954.  At the end of World War 2 the company hired a draftsman from the MG Car Company to design a new four door family car.  His name was Gerald Palmer and the car was called JAVELIN.  Manufacture of the Javelin commenced in 1948 and continued until 1953.  About 22,800 were made and 433 were exported to Canada.  A sports car version called JUPITER was also made.


My car was shipped from England on August 21, 1950 to GODFREY W. BROWN in Vancouver.  It eventually finished up in Naramata, British Columbia and seems to have been stored from 1958.  I purchased it in 1995 and have been restoring it since.  It should be on the road in May 2003  if the last few small problems can be fixed.


I have some pictures of my Javelin.