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(Of course that means nothing in information space.)

Alright, it's just another anonymous looking home page. But, you ask yourself, is it the usual dilute and partially digested drivel cluttering up the web with links to stuff you are already bored with? Or is it a whole new experience, realms of carefully organized data available nowhere else, clever insights, deep philosophy, stunning new approaches to stagnant problems and maybe a way to climb out of your rut and for a moment get a glimpse of the whole landscape before you trip and land in a sodden heap at the bottom of the next one over?

Relax, it's just the same old slop.

So Far:

New! Another list of things to do , this one in point form for convenience.

It's dangerous to use a cell phone on a plane. Really?

The latest update.

Some of my relatives use the strange thing called AOL. This strikes me as being a more rewarding activity than cutting lopsided paper dolls out of wet cardboard, but we all like to do things our own way. But AOL likes to do things its own way, and rejects email on some basis known only to itself and the people who feed it. So here is a letter I wrote after the one that I tried to send to an AOL user.

Merry Christmas

Medieval Triathlon Monthly

Vacuum Tube Collectors Newsletter

A Few Questions

Notes on some of the less appreciated luxuries

A personal list of things to do.
This is extracted from the letter to the Schimmels on this page, and is strictly for my own reference, so there is no need for you to read it.

I recently recieved an email with the interesting question:
"What single thing would you choose to do if you knew you could not fail?"
Here are a few suggestions.

My ISP is now Telus, as in "Tell us another one." Signing up with them was simple, pleasant, and quick, at least when compared to being fed through a meat slicer at the rate of 1mm a day. So here is a list of things I hate less than Telus.

This was written to convince a troubled friend that life is still worth living, and is worth reading if you are in some doubt.

This page in German
There seem to be a lot of foreigners on the web - that is, people who won't admit that they can really speak English. (You're upset by this statement? Yet you do speak English...) Anyway, I have taken the liberty of having the intro to this page mechanically translated into German and, since I don't speak German, of having it translated back into English so that I can read it.


Click here if you are Samuel
A Child
Another Child
Roger explores a new toy.
Douglas combines high and low tech: a laptop and a camel saddle


A letter to the Schimmels

It's pretty, but is it Art? A brief diatribe.

The Children's Military Site

Were the Apollo Moon shots a hoax? Oddly enough, No.

A bicycle does not stay upright because the wheels act like gyroscopes.

Parabola Stuff

A parabola with light rays reflected to the source.
The lisp program which drew it.
A more practical parabola-only polyline version

Editorial Policy
Note the absence of any links to other sites, personal identification, pictures of people I know, and slow and irritating graphics. A picture is worth a thousand words, unless it's the wrong picture. Or somebody's mother. (Note that a picture typically takes 10,000 times as long to download as a word.)
Later: I have provided a few pictures for those who want to take the time to open them. Pictures are one of the best ways to convey information, so why has the web managed to make graphics into an irritating waste of time?

Email me and bitch about all this.