Royal Herbs offers a range of natural botanical creams for the face and body including medicinal skincare. Our creams balance cutting edge natural science with time honoured holistic ingredients from around the world. Our two most popular face creams are the Hydrating Collagen Eye and Face Serum (which features Hyaluronic Spheres and Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Oil) and Laugh Line Lotion (with anti-oxidant CO-Q10 and fair trade organic African Shea Nut Butter). Eczem-x is a soothing topical cream (with Propolis, Poplar Bud, Burdock Root and Echinacea) for a variety of skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis and Rosacea. Acne-x is a clarifying daily cream to promote healthy, clear skin (with Alpha (sugar cane extract) and Beta (White Willow) Hydroxy).

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Product Name
Size & Price

Sleep Revived Cream   


Laugh Line Lotion   



50 ml - $18.00


Lavender Cream   

60 ml - $12.00


Royal Body Lotion  

60 ml - $12.00


Royal Moisturizer   

60 ml - $12.00


Peppermint Hand and
   Foot Cream

60 ml - $12.00


Hydrating Collagen Eye and
   Face Serum

35g - $35.00



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