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We are currently charging $25 per year membership. In return you receive a key to the gate and unrestricted access to the field and to our indoor weekly events.

In order to fly you also need to obtain a M.A.A.C number which allows you to fly at M.A.A.C. sanctioned/insured sites. Our field is protected under M.A.A.C. Because of this it is mandatory that you have an active M.A.A.C. number. You can obtain M.A.A.C. status through their website or you can contact our president and obtain it through him.

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We constantly maintain our field. Including mowing, cleaning, repairing & building. The membership cost helps to cover the costs of this. As a member we ask that you try to participate in our fundraisers, yearly fun fly's and field maintenance. And of course FLY!!

The field is open to members 7 days a week.





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