Allan Bevan

The treasury of choral works by award-winning Canadian composer Allan Bevan has established him as one of the nation's most widely-recognized choral voices. With an ever-increasing catalogue of distinguished choral compositions and arrangements, Allan Bevan rewards audiences and singers alike with his sure and sonorous writing. His idiomatic and often rhapsodic keyboard writing is a beautiful complement to his strong vocal writing - a nod to the traditional forms and idioms of the choral genre. Forays into registral extremes and contrasting transparent textures, which are frequent in his accompaniments, are matched with strong tonal underpinnings. This winning combination is among the hallmarks of his writing style.

Allan Bevan was born in Toronto, Ontario. His life-long, professional pursuit of music, including graduate study in choral conducting and composition, culminated in a doctoral degree in composition from the University of Calgary and international recognition. His choral compositions have been awarded significant prizes in Canadian, American, and European competitions, and have been performed, recorded, and broadcast across North America, Europe, and Asia. For more detailed information about Allan Bevan's work, visit his website at


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