Connie Kaldor

Canada’s Juno award-winning singer/songwriter Connie Kaldor was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, where her musical career started at an early age. Since her father was the choirmaster at the local Lutheran church, Connie and her siblings performed choral duties every Sunday. It was there that she developed her musical talents and incredible vocal range, singing the parts of the choir members who did not show up – from soprano to bass!

Following her later training in Edmonton and Toronto, Connie gravitated to the folk music circuit where she was determined to succeed as a performer of her own material. As a featured performer on the circuit, she became part of the Canadian Wave, which included leading Canadian artists Stan Rogers, Ferron, and Spirit of the West.

Today she is considered one of Canada’s foremost singer/songwriters with eight albums to her credit and an active performing career that has taken her around the globe. She lives in Montreal with her husband and two sons.


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