Ira Rogers

Composer Ira Rogers has been successfully exercising his compositional muse in a diverse career that spans more than thirty years.

Currently based in Vancouver, BC, Ira was born and raised in New York City. He began undergraduate work in pre-medicine at Brooklyn College before switching disciplines to follow his bliss, and eventually completing graduate studies in music composition at the University of Connecticut.

The desire to pursue commercial songwriting next led Ira to Nashville, where his most notable accomplishment was a recording of one of his songs on Reba McEntire's Grammy-nominated album For My Broken Heart in 1991.

Since his move to Canada in 2003, Ira has divided his time between software development and music composition. A number of his arrangements and original works, including Briefly, Scrooge! and What Are You Doing For Christmas?, have been premiered by the Vancouver Men's Chorus.


Briefly, Scrooge!
Dak Il Tas


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