SJ23 Tech Tip Index - Rigging.
(This index deals with the standing & running rigging of an SJ23, stern to bow)

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F14  Self-Steering - Lashed, vane or electric. 2008-06-21
F29  Winch Maintenance - Do this once a year. 2016-10-21
F31  Winch Replacement - Upgrade to a larger size. 2016-02-20
F26  Line Storage Bags - For mainsheet.  2019-03-16
F25  Line Storage Bags - For the jib sheets, Sheet Bags. 2019-05-19


F20  Boom Gooseneck - Repair a worn Unit. 1999-01-12


 Boom Pneumatic Vang - Fabricate a pneumatic vang to support the boom. 2012-04-13
F12  Boom Topping Lift - Factory kit. 1998-10-26
F02  Boom Internal Outhaul - Flatten the mainsail for stronger wind. 2002-12-26
F08  Jibe Preventer - Great control for sailing downwind in heavy weather. 2008-08-11


F27  Bridge - Across cabin to terminate halyards & reef lines. 2001-09-20
F28  Mainsail Traveller & Mainsheet - Effective control lines to prevent a knockdown. 2017-05-26
F22  Mainsail Lazy Jacks and Storage Straps  Safety and convenience to when reducing sail, Convert lazy jacks to slippery Dyneema. 2019-02-13
F07  Mainsail Slugs & Mast Gate - Lower the mainsail right to the boom. 2017-12-22
F05  Mainsail Reefing Systems - Dual and single line jiffy reef systems, Convert reefing lines to slippery Dyneema. 2019-04-02


F09    Back Stay Adjuster & Second Chain Plate - A factory design that is easy to operate.  2018-09-20
F30  Back Stay Crane - How to deal with an oversize roach on a mainsail. 2005-03-08
F17    Step the Mast - With related issues. (From the Clark Owner's Manual). 2002-04-04
F18    Step the Mast - With an A-Frame. 2015-09-19
F19  Step the Mast Forward - (To pass under a bridge). 1999-01-03
F24  Mast Tuning - (From the Catalina 25/250 Association web site). 1999-11-17
F33    Standing Rig Tuning & Sail Setting Guide - (Keep a copy on board). 2018-09-28
F34    Standing Rig Maintenance - Chain plates, Turnbuckles, Clevis Pin, Stranded Wire, Mast Foot, Spreaders, Mast Head. (Info on the all important clevis pin) 2019-05-15
F16  Rigging Profile for an SJ23 - A hardware guide from Harken. 1998-11-03
F03  Running Rigging with Internal Halyards - Deck hardware layout to the cockpit, line length, reefing line lengths. 2019-05-21


F13  Jib Halyards Lead Aft - Factory kit. 1998-10-26
F06  Jib Deck Tracks  - Deck mounted. 2002-12-10
F36  Staysail with Furled Jib - (Added photo of staysail) 2019-05-26
F11  Jib Downhaul - To douse a hanked on jib from the cockpit.    2015-08-04
F04  Jib Tack Pennant - Great for seeing under the jib in rough weather. 2005-01-03
F10  Jib Roller Furling - Furler manufactures, New forestay, Furling line, Convert Jib, Operation, Pennant Wrap, Jib Sleeve, Replace Forestay, Deck Clearance of drum. 2019-06-02
F23  Jib Halyard Storage - On the pulpit and mast. 2007-07-01
F15  Spinnaker Gear - Factory kit. 2008-09-05
F32  Spinnaker  - How to rig and fly one. 2006-06-27



 Care & Cleaning of Sails - Simple maintenance.


 Replace your Sails - Upgrade considerations, loft contacts, Tight hanks.

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