San Juan 23 Technical Tips.

This web site is dedicated to all San Juan 23 sailboats that love to be pampered for I fervently believe that a boat responds well to good treatment.  So treat her well and talk kindly to her while on board, for she is listening, (and it wouldn't hurt to quietly thank the Clark family for a good design).   I document modifications & repairs to Panache & other SJ23s here to show you how and why. 
A web site is a great platform for sharing this info. 
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(Don't even ask me how much time I've invested in Panache, let alone this web site.  I could be quite wealthy at $1.00 / hr.)

 LAST UPDATED, 2020-06-03 

A - TRAILER (towing & storage) *
(structural integrity) *
C - CABIN (creature comforts) *
D - OUTBOARD (push required) *
(& electronics) *
(running & standing) *
(lots of no's.)

P - PROJECTS - (How others pursue their projects & ones I'm working on).


web counter Sailors have cruised through the SJ23 web site since the first Tech Tip was published on May 26, 1999.  Chuck Van de Wetering started this site a few years earlier.  That May we met for breakfast by La Conner and agreed to add technical stuff to expand the web site.  Four years later he moved to Oregon to help with family interests.  The rest is history as it happens.  Enjoy.  
* Chuck passed on Dec 4, 2018.

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My Spring boat prep is done & the COVID-19 count is low enough that Panache can float this summer, but with precautions.

I found that staying isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic was a tad confining, so I kept busy with projects in the house.  BUT contracting this virus is not something I relish and neither is spreading it.  Stay strong, stay healthy, help where you can & don't give up the fight.  We may be in different boats but we have to weather this storm together, to the end.    Contact me 


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  • I've sailed an SJ21, SJ23 (MKI & MKII), SJ7.7M, SJ24 & SJ28.  Still waiting to sail a SJ26, 30 or 34.
    The SJ23 and SJ28 have many similarities.  Despite their weight difference I think they handle very similar.












(Cont'd from above)  Over the years I've gleaned many ideas and bits of information from different sailors and added them to an applicable Tech Tip or created a new one.  It's how the data base grows.  Its OK to post your project or problem here so others can view it up close to learn from it or help solve it.   Your project doesn't have to be a complete remake of the boat!  So set your camera resolution to fine and image size to 1024x768, dip your quill in an ink well and write a brief description.  Then email it to me.  Honestly it's not that difficult!  

DISPLAY SETTING - The Tech Tips are formatted for a display setting of 1024x768 using any of the available browsers, although my preference is Firefox

SEARCH - Unfortunately this web site is NOT SEARCHABLE.  This feature is not available with free space on a TELUS server.  However, you can use "Ctrl F" (entered from your keyboard) to search through an index or a document.  

PRINT - I've made each Tech Tip printable on (8.5x11)" paper so you can carry a printout to your boat.   While viewing the Tip go to "print preview" in your browser and scale it to fit your printer.  It's a lot easier to scribble notes & draw on paper than on your laptop!

KNOWLEDGE - I don't know everything about the SJ23, yet!  Much of what I know is documented in these Tech Tips!  I am very grateful for the missing bits of info that dribble in from other owners.  Many are not even aware how valuable the information in their question is.  I generally update the applicable Tech Tip with the info gleaned from their approach to solving the problem.  This knowledge is provided in the true spirit of the Internet, "A free exchange of information for the benefit of all." 

MEASUREMENTS - The SJ23 was constructed using Imperial dimensions which I continue to use on this web site.  The measurements shown are taken from Panache and I have taken great care to ensure accuracy.  Measure your own hull for an exact fit.  It is the best and most accurate way.  However, if you find a dimension or description in error I would appreciate hearing from youAfter all, I was wrong once before and I suppose it could happen again! 

LEGALESE - The modifications shown in these Tech Tips give you an idea of what can be done to repair or upgrade an SJ23, or any other pocket cruiser for that matter.  The Tips are directed to those individuals who possess "opposing thumbs" or know people who are suitably equipped!  You assume all responsibilities for misplaced pencil marks, cutting too short/long, picking up the wrong tool or not understanding what you're about to do!  I cannot accept responsibility for damage or loss resulting from the use of information provided herein.  That's enough of the legalese.

Bob P. Schimmel, SJ23 Tech Tips Editor. Contact me