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I'm always looking for input for this section.  Please submit photos of your project.  You'd be surprised how interested others are.



Over the years I've gleaned many ideas and bits of information from different sailors and added it to the applicable Tech Tip or created a new one.  It's how the data base grows.  I have some extra web space to show some projects in reasonable resolution and will keep them till I run out of space.  The ones I have a complete record of are listed below in chronological order.
  1. Shangri'-La - Cockpit line, 2009.
  2. SJ23 MKIII - Wing keel, 2009.
  3. Esprit - Comparisons & features of the Australian SJ23, 2010.
  4. Vacant - This project moved to Tech Tip B27.  Ready for a new project.
  5. A Nice Refit - Fantastic paint job. yyyy?.
  6. Knotless Too - Various stuff, 2015.
  7. Center Board - Lift cable, 2015.
  8. Renaissance - Refit, 2015.
  9. Juanita - Some really different modifications, 2014.
  10. Emunah - Progress in the darkness of a winter solstice is not easy.
  11. Juan-a-Go - Balanced Rudder.
  12. So who's next? 

Your project doesn't have to be a complete remake of the boat.  Its OK to post a problem or idea here so others can view it up close to learn from it or help solve it.  So set your camera resolution to fine and image size to 1024x768, dip your quill in an ink well to write a brief description.  Then email it to me.  Not that difficult!

PANACHE JOB JAR, 2019. (Updated 2019-06-24)
"A Goal without a plan is just a wish."


This is where I keep track of my jobs.  I do most of this work with the boat on the hard, carrying a project home where I can work on it in the warm; provided I don't forget something back on the boat!  Grrr.  You really have to stay organized when the boat is parked a long way from home.  At home I usually store each project in a separate box.  It's from these projects that I create the Tech Tips.  The plan is to complete all this before launch time.  So far I'm on target for an early launch this Spring. 


  1. Install a double ended center board lift line to replace the aging single cable.  Tech Tip B01. 
    I found a place to hoist the hull off the trailer and Panache will go there when the hoist is free. 

  2. Install a Nicro day solar ventilator on the sliding hatch if it should prove necessary.  Tech Tip C19

  3. Design and install cockpit rail bags to store jib sheets in.  Tech Tip F25


  1. Install new colour coded reefing lines, converting them from polyester to slippery Dyneema.  Tech Tip F05.

  2. Raise the furling drum to ease installing the forestay pin.  Tech Tip F10.


  1. Replaced bulky halyard bowlines with stitched splices.  Its the only thing you can do with old stretched line.

  2. Bought a portable shower to work with the solar water heater.  What decadence for the Captain & crew.

  3. Added a red panel and tell tales to my storm jib.  Tech Tip F36

  4. Added new tell tales to my 110% jib that North Sails modified last year. 

  5. Added new tell tales to my 150% genoa that North Sails modified this winter. 

  6. Made a boarding ladder to climb between my dinghy and the boat.  Tech Tip B24

  7. Cleaned electrical connections on my solar panels and removed a blocking diode from one.  Tech Tip E01

  8. Refurbished a large solar panel to use as backup.  Tech Tip E01

  9. Installed a storage system in the cockpit locker for the Tiller Pilot.  Tech Tip E12.

  10. Reinforced and waterproofed the anchor locker bulkhead and added a stronger false bottom.  Tech Tip B11

  11. Removed the factory stern light from the transom and sealed the hole.  Tech Tip E11

  12. Permanently sealed (epoxy) a deck hole that started leaking this winter.  It was previously closed with sealant.

  13. Finalized line lengths of temporary shrouds used to step mast. Tech Tip F18.

  14. Install the slippery Dyneema lazy jacks.  Tech Tip F22

  15. Extended the axle vent up into the body of my truck.  Tech Tip A09.

  16. Resealed the depth sounder oil bath. Tech Tip E05.



  1. 2018

  2. 2017

  3. 2016 and before


This is my first day sailing Panache in 2014 after taking a year off to heal my injured shoulder.  Very flaky winds but happy to be on the water again.

And on another note:  "I told you it was flat, but oh no, you wouldn't listen!"

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