Southern Alberta Model Railway Club

The railway club is located in beautiful Gyro park in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. The address is 15th Street and 10th Avenue A South. New members and guests are welcome. The club meets regularly on Tuesday evenings (7:30pm to 9:30 pm) starting in September and running through to the end of June. The model railway hosts several open houses each year and everyone is welcome to attend. For further information contact Bill Smienk.

The club operates 2 layouts, one in HO scale and an N scale portable layout. The HO scale railroad is named the ALBERTA SOUTHERN. The layout is set in the 1955-1965 era and depicts a fictional region that includes mountains and a small portion of foothills area. A considerable amount of the scenery has been completed.

Alberta Southern Railway Facts and Figures

The layout occupies a room 19 feet by 44 feet. The layout itself occupies 628 square feet of space. All started in 1972 by a group of 7 members, some of whom are still in the organization today. The 243 feet of mainline, which runs through 4 tunnels and crosses 12 bridges brings the trains into 4 yards and 8 branch lines and or sidings. this used up 1,492 feet of track or approximately 2,984 feet of rail hand laid on 59,680 ties held down with approximately 238,760 spikes. There are approx. 126 switches or turnouts to route trains on the layout. The club uses Digitrax DCC for running trains. The layout can also be run with DC power. This allows two dispatchers and 11 operators to run the railroad. Trains are made up from the approx. 38 locomotives and 367 cars. Most of the locomotives are diesels, however steam is run occasionally as well. There are approx. 126 low voltage switch machines which operate all the turnouts and are controlled by 243 push buttons. Communication is achieved by wireless headsets.

All of the above has been assembled by members of the Southern Alberta Model Railway Club, including the building.

The club is also in the process of building a portable N scale layout that is approximately 3 feet x 12 feet in size. It features modern diesels and a variety of rolling stock. It was started approximately 5 years ago. The frame work, wiring, and track have all been completed. Work is now focussed on finishing the scenery.

Over the years, the club has been involved in many aspects of the community such as the Lethbridge Exhibition Hobby World, having various groups such as Cubs, Scouts, university classes and service clubs tour our facilities. The club also had a HO scale portable layout that was taken to several train shows in Western Canada.

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