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Resolution Counselling Services, Vancouver, BC

Bloom Where You're Planted

Therapy is a process of personal exploration, skill acquisition, and knowledge attainment in an atmosphere of safety and support, grounded in the wisdom, resources and compassion of a human development specialist.  The therapeutic environment I create allows you to experience and resolve current challenges and old wounds. Goals of therapy and methods of achieving these changes are selected through collaboration to ensure that your needs are met.  This is your therapy, your way.

It's all about YOU


With the counsellor advantage, you can make changes and choices which INCREASE:

  • Expressions of intimacy and sexuality.

  • Ability to regulate and contain emotions rather than responding reactively
  • Balance internally and externally (mood, sleep, exercise, eating habits)
  • Connection to self and others

  • Adaptive responses to stressors 

  • Assertive communication and conflict resolution

  • Range of emotions, including acceptance of painful emotions and enjoyment of elevated emotions such as joy

  • Self-confidence, productivity, efficiency

  • Clarity of interpersonal boundaries


Office Pictures


  • Impacts of trauma (anxiety, panic, flashbacks, nightmares, sleep disturbances, intrusive imagery, interpersonal conflict)

  • Self-harming and self-sabotaging behaviours

  • Feelings of anger, resentment, fear, shyness, shame, worthlessness

  • Depression, addictions, disordered eating

  • Loneliness,  isolation, alienation, social withdrawal

Beliefs underlying Sara's work:

  • Healing is an innate drive of the human being, and will occur when the necessary conditions of safety, support, resources and information are available.  It is the role of a counsellor to provide as many of these conditions of healing as possible in the therapeutic setting.

  • The human change process is an act of courage and is simultaneously energizing and anxiety-provoking.  It is a privilege to witness and support the transformations which occur, and holding the space for exploration and renewal is a commitment Sara makes with each and every client. 

  • At each given moment, human beings respond as best they can with their current understanding and resources.  As these factors change, so too can behaviour. Therapy is therefore not a process of shaming or blaming for past behaviour, but a process of acceptance of the old and a curiosity about the new.

How does Sara excel?

  • She understands that in life the only constant is change, and she is a master facilitator of life change in times of transition and adversity.

  • She believes absolutely in the human capacity to grow and change, and holds this vision when clients most need her to do so.

  • She offers compassion, advocacy, referrals, comprehensive knowledge of human development, and her full attention to each person she collaborates with.


The information provided in this site is meant to assist people in understanding the terms of service and the knowledge, experience and treatment philosophy Sara brings to her therapeutic work.    If these pages have not fully answered your questions about Resolution Counselling services, or if you have feedback or  wish to book an appointment, please contact Sara directly by telephone, or email.


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