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Dear Saskia,

I am so grateful I found you. Not only you really know what you are doing, technically speaking, but you also bring all of yourself to our sessions - your attention, focus and love. And I believe this is priceless. -From Byron

ball body rolling classes,massage,retreats workshops,vancouver,BC

From: debra sutherland,

It is with profound gratitude that I highly recommend Saskia to you. I have experienced deep healing as a result of my work with Saskia. Her respectful and compassionate presence in combination with her high intuition, unparalled massage skills, and somatic experiencing knowledge and approach have enabled me to do this healing in a most effective way. Thank you Saskia. -Love, Debra

body ball rolling classes,massage,retreats workshops,vancouver,canada

From: M. Millerd,

My work with Saskia over the past couple of years has been transformative. Through her gentle guidance and attentive listening, Saskia has helped me move through painful traumas helping me to transform my experiences into resources that enrich my life.

-Spiritual Director with training in Family Systems Therapy, Energy Medicine and Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy. Mary Millerd.

massage,body rolling classes,retreats workshops,vancouver,BC

From: Dagni Lund,

You cannot imagine how delighted I am. How wonderful this is. I no longer need to go to the chiropractor or massage therapist as I used to just to survive. I no longer flinch every time someone comes out past the stop sign on a side street to my right.

I recently managed to make a road trip (8 hours of driving a day) to Northern BC and Alberta and back. I did all the driving. I slept in different beds, and even tented without pain or discomfort. I also recently flew away for a conference. The flight, carrying heavy bags, sitting in uncomfortable seats has caused me no difficulty.

I can take up my life again and live it instead of dreaming about it while trapped in my bed. I now have the energy to clean my home, care for myself and enjoy my life. My life has turned around. Instead of feeling depressed, isolated and in pain I am now positive, grateful and thrilled with the therapy. -Dagni

vancouver body ball rolling classes,massage,retreats workshops

Hi Saskia,

A few years ago I was recommended through friends to Saskia with whom I have worked both personally and professionally ever since. As a clinical counsellor in the Employee Assistance field, I work with a high functioning population who are primarily geared to conventional 'talk therapy'. Because we are limited to short-term counselling and for other reasons, there are clients whom this model cannot effectively serve. When I see a client who is in trauma; I consider Saskia as a potential resource for professional consultation and/or referral.

I know Saskia as a skilled and sensitive practitioner. Personally, I have found her exceptional in her ability to be present, creative and focused in assisting the client to gain insight in both the intellectual and emotional realms. When the client 'gets it' intellectually and is able to connect emotionally to the work, the understanding gained can then take hold and can be of enormous value to the client. In her practice, Saskia is able to provide the client with this level of experience; the safe harbour in which the client can feel free and confident to do the work necessary to attain the growth and insight possible through the therapeutic process. It is a privilege to know Saskia and to work with her.

-Cheryl Grant Gamble, MA, RCC, CEAP HR Consultant (Wellness and EAP) Organization and Employee Development, BC/Yukon Region, Service Canada

body rolling classes, massage, retreats & workshops, vancouver, canada

Eric Colvin Subject: Re: Classes,

What I love about what you teach is that it is what my body has been trying tell me all along - certainly, since I left school (remember how, from grade one, every impressionable child had to "sit still; don't fidget"; how, obediently, you found ways to divorce your head from your bodily impulses?) , and finally began once again to hear my own inner self. As I say: I know there's a place for all the "forms" and disciplines - of Yoga, Tai Chi, even Gym - and that they can take a healthy body on a truly rewarding journey; but it's so refreshing to have a still small voice reinforcing my hunch that the body actually knows from the inside what it needs to get healthy; that, when you answer its demands, it will begin to do for itself what no doctor - perhaps no guru - can so effectively do from the outside.

The medicine you teach is quite the best medicine. It's what dancers have always understood. And thank God there's someone - in this western world of chiropractic and orthopaedics and professional-men-in-white-coats - who acknowledges that sometimes the patient knows best.

I'm very proud to have met you. All the best. -Eric

body rolling classes,massage,retreats workshops,vancouver,bc

From: Ingrid Rose,

Saskia is a playful & compassionate teacher. In her classes we all become coaches for each other & our bodies luxuriate in their newfound flexibility. -Ingrid Rose

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