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Vancouver Body Ball Rolling Classes fitness exercise

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Vancouver Body Ball Rolling Classes Fitness Exercise

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Benefits of BODY ROLLING,Vancouver Body Rolling Balls click for more info
& benefits of BODY ROLLING
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Body Rolling is a technique
that "re-educates" the Body
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Hamstring Routine - Ball & Body Rolling, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hamstring Routine

     This dynamic process creates length in the muscles and space in the joints, and stimulates and nourishes the bones. It works with the body's natural energy pathways, releasing contracted muscles and restrictive patterns of movement and creates change in the nervous system.
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Upper Back Routine - Ball & Body Rolling, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Upper Back Routine

     The results are improved alignment, an increase in range of motion, more energy, strength and fluidity in the body. This is a Self Massage technique, a Yoga without the postures and a fitness and wellness system combined. People find it a powerful body-mind experience.
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Rectus Abdominus Routine - Ball & Body Rolling, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Rectus Abdominus Routine

Students Testimony: "I rarely need to go to the physio or Chiropractor now."
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Using a 8" small ball, breath and sound work we will create a space to move into ever deeper levels of healing.

(Note this work is very different from the big ball classes)
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Instructor: Saskia's background is in Rehabilitation Medicine, trained as an Occupational therapist. She has for many years participated in forms of explorative dance and movement therapies as well as yoga. Her greatest inspiration coming from "Continuum". She runs a Somatic Counseling and Massage Practise and is a Certified Yamunaź Body Rolling Teacher. She is commited to working with people in their quest for health and wellness.
Vancouver body rolling BALLS,classes,vancouver,ph.604.926.7398
For information regarding Workshops, classes and one on one sessions. Please contact Saskia by eMail or Ph: 604.926.7398

* No previous Ball Rolling or Yoga experience is required.

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VANCOUVER Ball Body Rolling Prices rehabilitation
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