There are now more manufacturers of vacuum tube audio equipment than at any time in history. Some of these links will tell you why.

  1. Andrew's Music World (A huge links page.)

  2. Antique Sound Hong Kong based, with connections to Mainland China. Amplifiers, tubes, components, etc.

  3. The Brent Jessee Recording Homepage "Digital Audio, Video, Hi-Fi, Vacuum Tubes and other geek stuff, with other cool Website links, too!"

  4. California Audio Engineering claim to have the best tube amp in the world. D.C. -180 Khz.

  5. "Featuring an online auction of music gear and recording equipment."

  6. The GlassWare Website Tube CAD design software,etc.

  7. Gold Aero, Inc. 818-841-5541

  8. Hammond Transformers & Enclosures

  9. HOFFMAN AMPLIFIERS "Tube amplifier power tranformers, tube amp output transformers, tube amp chokes, tube amp books, tube amp sockets, vacuum tubes, parts for tube amps,service for tube amplifiers."

  10. The Kiewa Vally Stereofeatues material on Leak, Lowther, Tannoy, and other famous names in sound reproduction including technical and restoration information on Harold Leak's famous LEAK " POINT ONE " AMPLIFIERS.

  11. Marchand Electronics Ltd.

  12. Milbert Amplifiers Auto Sound.

  13. Mojo Musical Supply
    "We deal generally in parts for vintage guitar tube amps everything from output jack nuts to transformers to tolex and grill cloth. " Also Svetlana, Sovtek, NOS and JAN Phillips, GE,Sylvania, etc. tubes.

  14. Moth Audio Corporation

  15. Redesignz Tube Amp make a very unusual looking 6300B amp

  16. Quad World

  17. SAS Audio Labs
    "Hand crafted, Direct Marketed Audiophile Tube Amplifiers and Preamps."

  18. Tubes Vs. Transistors--Audibly Different?

  19. Tube Dude's Webpage of Vacuum Tube Lore

  20. Tube Guy a.k.a. Joe Plaziak

  21. The Tubestore Over 700 vacuum tube types are available, plus "New Old Stock, Sockets,etc.

  22. Vacuum Tube Valley"A New, Reference Quality Journal covering the very best in modern and vintage vacuum tube audio electronics and speaker technology."