1. Ask Jan First Germany, WWII tubes, vintage telephone parts, H.V. stuff, etc.

  2. BBW Electronics Vacuum Tubes

  3. Bob's High Voltage, RF components, and things for sale

  4. Burle Industries Electron Tubes Photomultiplier, imaging, and power tube product lines. (Originally RCA)

  5. Communications and Power Industries

    "Communications and Power Industries, Inc. (CPI). CPI is the former Varian Electron Device Group. CPI manufactures a number of tubes including Eimac power grid tubes, klystrons, magnetrons, traveling wave tubes, etc."

    Richardson also list Eimac in their product line.

  6. EG & G Home Page

  7. Electron Tube Enterprises Essex, Vermont
    "This small outfit sells tubes and schematics for some equipment."

  8. Electron Tubes Ltd.,

    Bury St. Ruislip,Mdlsx. HA4 7TA
    U. S. Sales Office: Electron Tubes Inc. , 100 Forge Way,Unit F, Rockaway,N.J. 07866
    Tel (201)586-9594 Fax (201)586-9771

  9. Frits Meuris' tubes and electronic parts (Dutch)

  10. Gintaras Sakenas' Tube and Parts Pages

  11. Groove Tubes

  12. Greenstone U.S.A. Vacuum Tube Manufacturer

  13. Halfin Electron Tubes Division, Belgium.

    An online Electron Tubes Online Shopping Mall is available, and Halfin would like their site to become a real center of reference for tube lovers.

  14. Hammond Manufacturing Company

    Hammond are a Canadian Company, in business since 1917. Hammond are well known for their high quality, conservatively rated, power and audio transformers including tube output transformers rated for up to 280 watts.

  15. HF components -Trading Tubes & Parts

  16. New Sensor Corporation

    Sovtek tubes,etc.

  17. Radio Shopper

  18. Richardson Electronics

    "Providing electron tubes, sockets and accessories from one of the world's largest inventories to the avionics, broadcast,communications, industrial, marine, medical, and microwave communications markets."

  19. Russian Vacuum Devices (RVD):
    1. Schematics of old Russian radio equipment
    2. Tubes for audio, ham radio, etc.
    3. Tubes for repair, maintenance, restoration, etc.

  20. Siemens Passive Components and Electron Tubes

  21. Svetlana Electron Devices

    Svetlana is a very large (25,000 people) Russian company making electron tubes, semiconductors, and various other glass products, which has recently entered the American and world markets. Svetlana produce their own versions of popular power tubes such as the 4CX15000, 4CX250, 3CW30000, etc. They are now entering the audio market, with types such as EL34,6550C, 6L6GC, and a series of power triodes for high-end audio.

  22. Tejas Tubes

    "Some of the Lowest Prices on NOS audio vacuum tubes you will see online!!"

    "Tejas Tubes was founded by a musician for musicians and audiofiles. I got tired of hearing too much hype and paying too much for audio tubes for my Mesa Boogie and Fender amps!"

  23. Triton ETD ( formerly ITT Electron Technology)

    "In 1995, Triton acquired the former ITT Electron Technology Division in Easton, Pennsylvania. With 158,000 square feet of manufacturing capability on 52 acres, Triton Electron Technology Division (ETD) offers decades of design and manufacturing experience in the production of electron power devices. Our products include microwave and power grid tubes, klystrons,thyratrons and integrated subsystems for both military and commercial applications."

  24. Tubes to Go also lists lots of suppliers.

  25. The Tubestore

    Over 700 vacuum tube types are available, plus "New Old Stock, Sockets,etc.

  26. Vacuum Tubes -Angelfire Communications

  27. Vibroworld Vacuum Tubes and Other Electronics

  28. Vintage receiving and transmitting tubes as well as antiquarian radio books.