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Last revised December, 2009

Vacuum tubes still have some applications as high power pulse switches, high end audio and guitar amplifiers, some high power R.F. applications, and in microwave ovens.

This page is maintained by , who never thought he would be doing this and welcomes your input. This page started off as just a spin-off of my Vacuum Technology page after a couple of graduate students asked for help with R.F. and high power pulse devices. People started e-mailing links,the page grew, and I'm still a little flabbergasted at all the interest. I do have to admit to having built some tube audio stuff away back when I was a high school student, and to still having a working British Marconi R1155A . Then there is that Sparton 5249 radio-phono that is now partly restored and led to the farnovision link on the ham and antiques page. Farnsworth Television and Radio licensed whoever manufactured the 78 r.p.m. changer and a web search turned up the Philo Farnsworth story.

I have edited John Pasley's high current, high voltage switching device section to decrease load times and improve browser compatibility.

Material has been moved here from my former U of A site and is being updated from time to time. Its just another retirement project that's more fun than Janet's Job Jar.

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