Still More Pictures of the Hale-Bopp Comet

I took the pictures below in the early Spring of 1997 from my backyard in Spruce Grove,Alberta,Canada. The comet was a clearly visible naked-eye object in the North-Western sky at the time. The pictures were taken with my balky old Canon A1, a Makinon 200mm. zoom lens, and Fuji 800 speed film. Fig.'s 1 to 3 were taken with the auto-exposure feature and were around thirty seconds at F4. Fig. 4 is a four minute exposure which shows why real Astronomical telescopes have tracking devices to compensate for the Earth's rotation.

Hale-Bopp jpeg 1 Fig.1
Hale-Bopp jpeg 1a Fig. 2
Hale-Bopp jpeg 2 Fig. 3
Hale-Bopp jpeg 3 Fig. 4