Radio Astronomy & Astronomy Links

  1. Astronomy Picture of the Day (N.A.S.A. )

  2. Arecibo Observatory - Radio Astronomy 1993 Nobel Prize for Physics. Jody Foster has been there too.

  3. Brandeis University Radio Astronomy

  4. The Jordanian Astronomical Society (JAS)

    A very enthusiastic organization ideally positioned for the Leonid Meteor Shower, etc.

  5. Radio Sky Publishing "Our focus is on amateur radio astronomy. We cater to a small but growing group of people who make radio observations of cosmic phenomena for the fun and educational rewards it brings." Includes A History of Radio Astronomy in a Nutshell.

  6. The Society for Amateur Scientists|| Astronomy

  7. The Taunton Radio Astronomy Observatory|| Alternate site

    "TRAO has one main aim: to encourage young people in science through real and relevant work in Radio Astronomy." TRAO will supply information about building your own radio telescopes, and provide diagrams for some of the electronic components if you contact them at

  8. Universe Today
    Space News from Around the Internet

  9. World Wide Astronomy Services (Leiden Observatory)