Planar Arrays and S.I.S. Junctions

42k jpg of mixer test
We have been involved in the development of HIA's SIS focal-plane array receivers. A principal aim of the program has been to use photolithography ,instead of highly precise machining, to provide the fine tolerance needed at sub mm. wavelengths.

The picture on the right shows Dr. Kevin Kornelsen testing a 115 GHz. , cryogenically cooled mixer mounted in our Infrared Laboratories passive cryostat. 345 GHz. units have also been tested with the same cryostat and a different optical bench set-up.

Drs. Kevin Kornelsen and Bruce Veidt have done most of the work here on fabrication and testing of the SIS devices. Bruce successfully completed his Phd.,and is now employed by DRAO Penticton. Kevin works for AMC.