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  1. Some Vacuum Basics from 'The Belljar'

  2. The Complete Dummy's Guide to Operation of a Typical Diffusion Pumped High Vacuum System is my own somewhat opinionated work. New on October 4,1995.

  3. An Introduction to Materials for Use in Vacuum The good,the Bad,and the Unusual.

    Epoxies and Sealants||O Rings |Includes an on-line size chart.
    Mercury in Vacuum & Vacuum Related Systems Don't use it if possible.

  4. Cleaning Techniques for Vacuum Systems and Components|||O Rings|||Solvents
    Yucky but essential.

  5. Outgassing New November 5,1999.

  6. Vacuum Freeze Drying New October 10,1996

  7. Roughing Pump Comparison Table

  8. Vacuum Pump Repair

  9. Vacuum Tubes

Vacuum Courses

Here in Edmonton the University of Alberta Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering offers the E E 641 High Vacuum Technology course and E E 642 Thin Film Technology courses which can be found here.

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