Vacuum Equipment and Material
Suppliers in Canada

Revised January, 2010

Companies listed below still have offices in Canada,as far as I know.

BOC Edwards,Leybold, ,MKS and Varian have had sales reps here at one time or another.. Opinions or comments are personal and do not reflect official views of the University of Alberta.

  1. Advanced Plasma and Vacuum Systems Ltd.

    377 Burnhamthorpe Rd. E. P.O. Box 29542 Mississauga,Ont.,Canada L5Y 3Y1 905-507-8825 FAX 905-507-8275 Manipulators & rotary seals.

  2. Blower + Vacuum Technologies Ltd

    "My company Blower + Vacuum Technologies Ltd., an Edmonton firm, overhauls and services a number of different vacuum pumps. As well, we are beginning to stock vacuum system components here, items such as valves, couplings etc. ...Jack Bennett, P.Eng"
  3. BOC Edwards

    BOC Edwards Vacuum Technology 5975 Falbourne Street, Unit 2 Mississauga, Ontario L5R 3W6 Tel 905 501 1223 Fax 905 501 1225 National Sales Center 800 387 4076 Sales Manager (Canada) Calvin Knaggs Web site: Vacuum Equipment. We have some 60's vintage Edwards pumps that Edwards can still supply parts for.

  4. Busch Canada

    Busch are also listed on the suppliers page.

  5. Canada

    Canada Analytical & Process Technologies is a Canadian-owned distributor with over 20 years  experience providing pressure, flow, vacuum and gas analysis solutions to the Canadian market.

    CAPT has significantly expanded its product range to include liquid and gas mass flow measurement and control, liquid vaporization system and high precision pressure control; vacuum measurement and control from 1000 to 10-9 mbar including capacitance manometer technology; chemical and biochemical identification through FT-Raman technology and in-line chemical concentration monitors; gas analysis utilizing specialized high quality mass spectrometer instrumentation, CRDS, TD-MS, FT-IR, NDIR and Residual Gas Analysis; tools for semiconductor processing including maskless photolithograph, film thickness analyzers, particle detection system; gas analysis service and , flow, vacuum and pressure calibration.

  6. Intelvac

    "Intelvac is the largest Canadian owned supplier of world Reputed high vacuum products."

  7. Kurt J Lesker Canada Inc.

    15 Atlantic Avenue Toronto Ontario M6K 3E7 Tel = 416 588 2610 Fax = 416 588 2602

    Lesker sell vacuum products,wafer fab equipment,technical books,etc. as well as Lakeshore cryogenic equipment. They are also agents for Vacuum Generators.

  8. LEYBOLD Canada Inc.

    7050 Telford Way, Unit 5 Mississauga CDN - Ontario L5S 1V7 Phone: +1-905-6727704 Fax: +1-905-6722249 Vacuum Products,best known their TRIVAC rotary vane pumps. Their catalog includes a 100 page vacuum tutorial. Leybold Vacuum Web Page


    1370 ALPHA LAKE ROAD, UNIT 15, WHISTLER, BC CANADA V0N 1B1 Tel: (604) 938-0030 Fax: (604) 938-0061 EMAIL: Dr. C. WINTER, President

    CANADIAN Manufacturer of cryogenic scientific equipment, helium liquefiers, helium recovery systems, superconducting magnets, custom cryogenic equipment and custom vacuum systems. INTERNATIONAL SALES.


  10. SPI Supplies

    Largest stocking distributor in Canada of sample preparation equipment and consumables for electron and light microscopy.

    SPI Supplies/CANADA
         Box 187,  Postal Station "T"
         Toronto,  Ontario M6B 4A1
         Phone:  1-800-668-2028(Answered at SPI Supplies in Toronto)
         FAX:    1-416-781-0249

  11. Varian Canada Inc.

    6705 Millcreek Drive Unit 5 Mississauga,Ontario L5N 5R9 Toll Free: Canada: 1-800-663-2727 Ontario & Quebec: 1-800-387-2261 U.S.A.: 1-800-8-VARIAN Canadian Rep: Alfred Li 416-819-8348 Canadian Tech Support: Service manager:Paul Cote Service Engineer:Scott Kuchma Vacuum Products. Varian's 'Porta-Test' leak detectors seem to be very popular around here. WWW: Varian

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