Dry Vacuum Roughing Pumps

Dry vacuum pumps eliminate oil contamination and the need for fluids, traps and filters. They have had the disadvantages of low compression ratios, limited pump life, very high initial cost, and noise but the gap between dry and oil sealed pumps keeps getting smaller.

  1. Rough Pump Comparison Table

  2. Our Home Brew Sorption Pump

  3. Articles and Links:

    1. Solid State Technology Magazine Articles:

      1. A Compact,Oil-free Rough Pump by Ekhard Bez,Feb 1995

        The Fuji Technology Inc. Nonlubricated Mechanical rough Vacuum Pump is a piston type pump with a compression ratio close to 50000:1.

        "The single three stage piston pump can reach 2 X 10e-02 torr. When two such pumping units are connected in series,pressures of 3X10e-04 torr can be achieved without oil or other sealing liquids."

      2. 'Dry Vacuum Pumps Used in CVD Nitride Applications'

        by Woodrow D. Farrow,Kashiyama Dry Pumps/Precision Plus Inc.,Whippany,New Jersey, November,1993
        -Single stage screw-rotor vacuum pump
        -Reduced maintenance compared to hook & claw pumps.
        -Vacuum to 4 millitorr
        -Kashiyama claim about 30% of the Japanese dry pump market.
    2. Research & Development Magazine

      Up to date articles on the latest things in vacuum technology are available along with archived material on dry scroll pumps, turbo pumps, diaphragm pumps, etc.

  4. Manufacturer's Pages:

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      1. BOC Edwards Diaphragm Pumps
      2. KNF Diaphragm Pumps
      3. Milipore Direct diaphragm Pump

    2. Staged Dry Lobed Mechanical Pumps,Etc.:

      1. Alcatel Dry Pumps
      2. BOC-Edwards Dry Pumps
      3. Pascal Technologies sell Anest Iwata dry pumps, Austin Scientific cryopumps, HVA gate valves, etc.
      4. Pfeiffer Vacuum|| Unidry Dry Backing Pump
      5. Siemens Elmo L "Imagine a totally independent vacuum pump that generates up to 95kpa vacuum (50mbar absolute), is 100% oil free and requires no maintenance."
      6. Stokes Vacuum,Inc.
        1. 'Chemical' Series Dry Pumps
      7. Toyota Dry Pumps
      8. Varian Dry Scroll Pump