Vacuum,etc. Equipment Suppliers

Updated July 22, 2004.

Here is a list of suppliers of Vacuum and related equipment. Additional contacts advertise in The Journal of the American Vacuum society [Link], Vacuum , the Physics Today Buyer's Guide [Link] , and Solid State Technology Magazine. [Link]

  1. The Association of Vacuum Equipment Manufacturers [Link]
  2. A List of Canadian Equipment Suppliers Canadian Flag

On-Line Suppliers Links:

  1. Absolute Vacuum

    "Suppliers of Vacuum pumps, vacuum pump spares and vacuum services: The United kingdoms leading independent High Vacuum supplier, with over 25 years of experience in all aspects of High Vacuum."

  3. Ah-ha Design Group Inc.
    Precision Affordable CNC 
    612-641-1797  Fax 612-641-8681     

    "A typical 3-axis control for a Bridgeport mill is less than $5K complete." (For info, please call ah-ha directly)

  4. Airvac Scandinavia AB

    "AIRVAC can today offer products ranging from vacuum building components, gauges, power supplies to helium leak detectors and turn-key plasma systems. AIRVAC also performs system upgrades and refurbishments, as well as on-site service of most known plasma-systems."

  5. Alfa Aesar Research chemicals, metals and materials including foils, wire and rods of just about any element you can think of, usually in several purity grades.
  6. American Science and surplus
  7. Amerimade Technology "Amerimade Technology designs and manufactures a wide range of Semiconductor Process Equipment for Cleaning, Etching and Plating. Including complete Stations for processing Wafers, Flat Panels and Disk Heads...."
  8. Amptek"We have developed Plasma Analyzers, Space Flight Data Recorders, Custom High Voltage Supplies, and other Detector Modules. We produce High Reliability Custom Hybrids, and are the world leader in low noise preamplifiers for space use."
  9. Anver Corporation "Suction Cups, Vacuum Cups, Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Lifters, Vacuum Components and Vacuum Lifting Systems for all Applications"
  10. A-Vac Industries (Southern California)
  11. Baron USA, Inc.
    -Oil degasification and dehydration systems
    -Vapor phase vacuum systems and other custom systems 

  12. Bendix: Sidney, NY (607) 563-5011.High Vacuum Feedthroughs
  13. Bid Service Refurbished Semiconductor Equipment.
  14. BOC Edwards "Edwards, a member of the BOC Group, is the world's leading manufacturer of high vacuum components and systems. We're known for superior performance and high reliability at an affordable price."
  15. Blower + Vacuum Technologies Ltd "My company Blower + Vacuum Technologies Ltd., an Edmonton firm, overhauls and services a number of different vacuum pumps. As well, we are beginning to stock vacuum system components here, items such as valves, couplings etc. ...Jack Bennett, P.Eng"
  16. Brandenburg High Voltage Power Supplies
  17. Burkholder and Associates : 42 Daniel Avenue ,Kitchener, ON., N2K 1E9 , Canada 888-607-0040 , fax 519-570-3354 , e-mail
  18. Busch Vacuum Technics Inc.

    Busch Canada| Busch Germany| Busch USA| Process Vacuum Services (San Jose, Ca)

    "Today, with 5 manufacturing plants and a total of 29 companies worldwide, Busch is recognized as the leader in industrial vacuum pumps or systems and equipment. With our Canadian headquarters in Boisbriand, Qué., a sales and service center in Mississauga, Ont. and sales offices in Vancouver and the Maritimes,we design and build vacuum systems for food packaging,hospitals, laboratories, the chemical-, the pharmaceutical-, the plastics-, the printing-, the electronics-, the semiconductor-industry and many other challenging applications. We also sell many vacuum pumps to OEM's, who incorporate our pumps into their machines (ex. Lasers)." Email from Paul Wieser

    Canadian Headquarters (Boisbriand, Qué.) e-mail: (Paul M. Wieser, P.Eng., General Manager)

  19. Caburn-MDC Components for High and Ultra High Vacuum

    " With facilities in the UK, Germany, France and Italy, we have an extensive multi-lingual staff of physicists and engineers supporting the fully-priced and fully specified products in our European Catalogue. Whether it's technical information or a specific component that's required we specialise in rapid response from Glynde in the UK to Berlin, Lyon and Torino - Serving Science in Europe."-quoted from their web page.

  20. Capitol Vacuum Vacuum Pump Repair, Repair Kits,Used Equipment, etc.
  21. Capovani Brothers of Scotia,N.Y. buy and sell used equipment for Science and Industry.
  22. Case Technology sponsor the Ion Beam Implant Links. Case Technology supply durable cases for delicate equipment.
  23. Ceramaseal Manufacturer of ceramic-metal seals (feedthroughs, connectors, view ports) for use in Ultra-high vacuum applications.
  24. "CEVP Limited specialize in supplying Vacuum systems, sub assemblies and accessories for Thin film deposition systems including: Sputtering systems, E-Beam, Evaporation, MBE, wafer annealing, magnetic wafer annealing, Physical vapor deposition and PECVD systems. We also supply a large range of components for wafer / substrate heating and biasing. These can be as simple as a single Pyrolytic element, up to a complete wafer processing stage."
  25. Comstock, Inc., Oak Ridge, Tennessee manufactures Knudsen cells,spherical sector electrostatic energy analyzers, linear and reflectron time-of-flight mass spectrometers, electron guns, supersonic cluster beam sources, and a variety of other products.
  26. Corona Vacuum Coaters of Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada specialize in sputter deposition technology.
  27. Crysis Technology ab The major supplier in Scandinavia,and a manufacturer of Plasma Processing Systems for a worldwide market.
  28. Danielson Vacuum Products, Inc. "Uncommon solutions to common vacuum problems." Phototron, Dry pumps, etc.
  29. DC Associates Vacuum Components, equipment and systems. Huntington, Ceramaseal - A Division of CERAMX, Kinney Vacuum, FilterDyne, APD Cryogenics Inc. - A Subsidiary of Intermagnetics General Corporation, Osaka Vacuum, Leybold Inficon
  30. Denton Vacuum Vacuum Evaporation Systems,Sputtering Systems,Electron Beam Evaporation, Thin Film Production,EM Sample Preparation Equipment. E-mail:James Phillip Falco (Field Service)609-439-9100 ext. 109
  31. DJB Engineering A U.K. manufacturer of KF, ISO, CF, and Special components.
  32. Drypump CHAMPION Repair,Co. Santa Clara, California USA.
    "Providing same day turn around time on all dry pump modules specific to the Edwards' drystar."
  33. Dynaprice used equipment dealers:
    1. Used vacuum equipment.
    2. "Over 1,450 items of used laboratory and scientific equipment."
    3. Used microscopes and related equipment.
    4. target="_TOP" Over 1,500 items of used semiconductor equipment.
    6. A collection of equipment from all the marketplaces.

  34. E.A.R. Technology, Inc. Semiconductor Equipment
  35. Electroglas, Inc. Automated wafer-probing products.
  36. The Electron Microscopy Yellow Pages
  37. Equex Scientific and Industrial Exchange, Equipment - Supplies - Technology
  38. Extorr, Inc. The Latest Residual Gas Analyzer For Your Vacuum System: RGA + Ion Gauge + Pirani Gauge All on One Probe.
  39. The Fisher Scientific Catalog|| U.S. lists everything from Glass Stopcock Grease to Vacuum Pumps,and they probably have an outlet near you.
  40. Fluoro Mechanic Co., Ltd. (Japan)
    Wafer Handling Tools||| Die Handling Tools

  41. General Vacuum (Cleveland,Ohio) "General Vacuum, Inc. is a high technology company specializing in vacuum coatings, vacuum system design/construction, and surface analysis. ...General Vacuum currently offers a wide range of coatings, including diamond, diamond-like carbon (DLC), indium tin oxide (ITO) and standard metallization."
  42. Goodfellow Corp Goodfellow sells materials to the scientific community including metals, polymers, composites, single crystals and ceramics. Always a great source for small quantities and they have a great catalog.
  43. Granville Philips "Vacuum Instrumentation for Industry and Science." A vacuum gauging tutorial is included.
  44. Helium Testing.COM Sales of rebuilt helium mass apectrometer and other leak detectors, hard to find oils, etc. Roanoke, Va.
  45. H.K. Equipment, Inc. and Elatec Technology Corporation "Specialists in Used Vacuum Equipment, HKE aggressively serves the used capital equipment market with high quality, low cost, vacuum furnaces, ovens, pumps and a wide variety of laboratory and production equipment including powder metal and hot press."
  46. Hiden Analytical "A World Leader in Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry,Gravimetric Analysis and Multistream Valves."
  47. Highvac co. "We are a new high vacuum components manufacturer here in the US."
  48. HyVac® Products, Inc "HyVac Products, Inc. is a USA based, precision manufacturer of high vacuum pumps, equipment, gauges and fittings for the vacuum industry."
  49. "Indel Systems International Delta Systems, LLC. (INDEL SYSTEMS), is a major innovator in the field of high-tech thin film deposition systems and processes. Our Mission is to supply "turn-key" thin film solutions incorporating state-of-the-art process developments and technologies that enable our customers to manufacture better products at lower cost."
  50. Indium Corporation of America
  51. Insulator Seal Incorporated
    6460 Parkland Drive
    Sarasota, FL  34243
    Tel:800-548-9509 Fax:941-751-3841 (sales)941-755-4287 (main)

    Description: Manufacturer of electrical feedthroughs and optical viewports for UHV applications using state-of-the-art ceramic-to-metal sealing technology

  52. Intelvac "Intelvac is the largest Canadian owned supplier of world Reputed high vacuum products."
  53. Internet Market Place for Physicists: Buy and sell secondhand instruments
  54. ITL U.K.

    Klein Flange Components, ISO Components, Conflat® Flange Components, Wire Seal Flanges, and HV and UHV Chambers.

  55. J C Controls Orinda, CA Manufacturer of Liquid Nitrogen Level Controllers and Vacuum Gauges
  56. Johnstone Associates New,used, and reconditioned vacuum equipment.
  57. Lab Equipment Exchange
  58. Laco Technologies "Our company specializes in leak detection technologies. We manufacture a broad line of gas calibrated leak standards. We also provide NIST traceable calibration services for leak standards. In addition, we carry a broad line of vacuum pumps (new and used), helium leak detectors, and vacuum accessories. "...e-mail from Paul Chamberlein

  59. Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. Low Temperature Sensors,Low Temperature Measurement and Control Systems, Magnetometers and Susceptometers,Gaussmeters,Electromagnets and Magnet Power Supplies .

  60. The Kurt J. Lesker Co.Agents for a number of manufacturers.
  61. Leybold Infocon "Instrumentation for analysis,monitoring, and control."
  62. Leybold Vacuum Products
  63. LK Technologies "Manufacturer of precision instrumentation for surface analysis including electron spectrometers, ion and electron guns, and LEED/Auger systems."
  64. L÷wener Vacuumservice AB "We build and export helium leak testing systems and machines since 30 years. Mainly to leak test high power switches and transient conductors for ABB. We also build multichamber vacuum drying systems, flight height simulation systems, space simulation systems, transformer oil treatment machines and other special vacuum systems."
  65. A.D.Mackay Inc. P.O. Box 1612 Darien,Ct. 06820-1612 Tel: (203)655-7401 Fax (203) 655-6234

    A.D. Mackay Inc. "Industrial and High Purity Metals,All inorganic chemicals." We have bought thoriated tungsten filament material,Boron Nitride rod, Molybdenum wire,etc. from Mackay in the past.

  66. Master Bond Adhesives, Potting Compounds, etc. including several vacuum epoxies.
  67. McAllister Technical Services - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Kelvin Probes,BLT's (Not the kind you eat!),lots of other stuff and they also have a very interesting Vacuum History page.
  68. MECPROGETTI S.r.l. Mechanical engineering, vacuum, thin film and aerospace.
  69. Meridian Scientific
    "Meridian Scientific, with over 50 years of combined Technical expertise in High Vacuum Technology, is directing its efforts in two ways. We can design, manufacture, test, install and service custom built vacuum systems for companies who require something different from standard, if we can use such a word in a field as broad as ours. We can also upgrade, enhance and automate most existing vacuum related systems, to be compatible with today's technology, adding the speed and efficiency of the present and the future. " Quoted from their CEO,Geoff Anderson.
  70. Metroline Industries, Inc., Corona, California. Plasma equipment manufacturing: Surface modification Equipment, PECVD coating equipment, and remanufacture of vacuum pumps and turbos.
    Metroline use environmentally safe waste disposal methods.
  71. Metys SA/NV Brussels "Energy saving applications for compressed air and vacuum, flow measurement and control, and spare parts for Vacuum pumps and compressors."
  72. Midwest Tungsten Service " We manufacture evaporation sources and materials for vacuum metallizing (tungsten filaments, boats, etc.) We will sell small quantities and do custom work."
  74. MKS Instruments are well known for their Baratron Capacitance Manometers ,gas flow control devices, Vacuum gauge calibration equipment, spinning rotor gauges,etc.
  75. Mivac Canada Vacuum pumps, components, systems, gauges, etc.
  76. Nor-Cal Products " Manufacturers of stainless steel vacuum products."
  77. Omicron "OMICRON specializes in instruments for surface science and UHV scanning probe microscopy. Founded in 1984, OMICRON started business by introducing the SPECTALEED and the legendary UHV STM 1 as the first and highly successful products. The STM 1, which still delivers state-of-the-art performance by todays standards in more than a hundred laboratories worldwide, established OMICRON's current position as the world market leader in UHV scanning probe microscopy." Quoted from Omicron's comprehensive web page.
  78. Omley Industries
    Specialists in custom vacuum brazing.
    "Whether your needs involve help with design, prototype construction, assembly or production capacities for manufacture, Omley Industries has the experience, facilities, and technical support/design services to meet your requirements. State-of-the-art technology combined with high reliability components, exceptional quality control and on-time deliveries have been the backbone of Omley's many years of customer satisfaction."

  79. Pascal Technologies sell Anest Iwata dry pumps, Austin Scientific cryopumps, HVA gate valves, etc.

  80. Pfeiffer Vacuum "Pfeiffer is an ISO 9001 certified global leader in the production of vacuum products used in high technology applications including electronics, semiconductors, materials science and research. Products include turbomolecular, mechanical and dry vacuum pumps, laboratory vacuum systems, quadrupole mass spectrometers, gas analyzers, helium and gas leak detectors, total pressure gauges, vacuum construction components, valves and accessories."
  81. Precision Plus Vacuum Parts,Inc.
    Everything for vacuum pump repair. Precision Plus claim 20-50% savings over pump manufacturer list prices. They also have a part refurbishing service.
  82. Prentex Custom Fabrication of Pressure Vessels and Cryogenic Vessels
  83. ProTech Materials supplies specialty materials for thin film coating, optics, flat panel display, semiconductor, ceramic sintering, thermal management, and steel making.
    CANADIAN Manufacturer of cryogenic scientific equipment, helium liquefiers, helium recovery systems, superconducting magnets, custom cryogenic equipment and custom vacuum systems.
  85. QVR DESIGNS , 17212 Pacato Pl., San Diego CA 92128
     Fax : 619-592-0152, Phone:619-592-0932.
      E-mail: Peter Naor
    Modular,flexible Ion Source Power Supplies

  86. Samwoo Vacuum Co. A South Korean manufacturer of oil sealed vacuum pumps and liquid ring vacuum pumps.
  87. Santovac Fluids, Inc. Polyphenyl Ether Fluid, "extreme environment" lubricants and greases.
  88. "Security Foils International, Inc , located in Washington State, USA, provides a vacuum coating service to manufacturers of high refractive index (HRI) coatings. The HRI vacuum coating is of particular use for Security Holograms. SFI specializes in vacuum coating of ZnS (HRI material) onto paper and hot stamping foils. As well, SFI has the capability to vacuum coat t Al, SiOx and Cr. SFI's web coater can accommodate rolls of flexible substrate up to 60" wide."

  89. The Semiconductor Process and Equipment Network
  90. South Bay Technology,Inc. manufacturer of sample preparation equipment and supplies for Metallography, Crystallography and Electron Microscopy
  91. Stanford Research Systems offers a complete lineup of scientific and engineering test and measurement equipment, including lock-in amplifiers, fft spectrum analyzers, time interval counters, boxcar averagers, low-noise preamplifiers, function generators, digital delay generators, lcr meters, frequency standards, power supplies, programmable filters, photon counters, multichannel scalers, optical choppers, 10 MHz oscillators and thermocouple monitors."
  92. Steamboat Semiconductor
    "Description: Buyer and seller of used, 6" & 8" surplus semiconductor equipment for front end manufacturing, assembly and packaging operations. All of our inventory is available for immediate inspection and delivery."
  93. Stokes Vacuum,Inc. "Proven vacuum systems, backed by long term warranties..."
  94. SURFACE/INTERFACE, INC. "Surface/Interface is a San Jose company that has operating groups focused on Metrology for CD measurement and Vacuum Products for sample transfer and positioning and other developing technologies aimed at semiconductor and related industrial applications. "
  95. Techexpo has addresses for lots of vacuum and other high tech stuff.
  96. TECVAC Ltd. " Manufacturers PVD Machines and metallurgical ion implantation machines plus special vacuum equipment of all types. Complete installations are handled worldwide with full training and knowhow. Tecvac runs a large surface engineering job shop in Cambridge UK."Stow-cum-Quy,CAMBRIDGE,UK,CB5 9AB,+44 (0)223-811870
  97. Textbook Modern Vacuum Practice (Previously published by the McGraw Hill Book Company)
    by Nigel Harris, Manager, International Training Department, BOC Edwards UK
  98. Therma Wave,Inc. Thick and thin film metrology.
  99. Thermionics Vacuum Products "Thermionics Vacuum Products provides a complete line of high and ultra high vacuum components for research and production."
  100. Torr Lube
  101. TTL Automation Corporation
    "Designers and Manufacturers of fully automated optical coaters,metalizers, vacuum chambers and bell jar systems. We buy and carry all makes and models of surplus vacuum equipment including: box coaters, bell jar systems, metalizers, batch and in-line sputtering systems,cryogenic and mechanical pumps and helium leak detectors. Services include: equipment rebuilds, helium leak detection services set-ups and installations. 'For all your vacuum needs.'"
  102. Tygon Tubing home page
  103. UHV Design "We specialise in manufacturing products for many applications such as MBE, sputtering, CVD, surface name but a few. "
  104. UniMove Tube Style Vacuum Lifters
  105. Vacuum Generators has evolved into the following companies:
    Thermovacgen: Vacuum components and chambers
    Softshut: New! Gate valve technology
    Thermoscientific: Surface science components

  106. Vacuum Deposition Allied Signal's Kansas City Plant
  107. Vacuum,Inc. Boulder,Colo. "Manufacture sputter and evaporation deposition systems. Manufacture balanced and unbalanced planar magnetron cathodes and arc evaporation sources. Offices worldwide."
  108. Vacuum Processes Laboratory (VPL) -- Cathodic Arc, Amorphous Diamond, ... at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Physical Vapor Deposition,Special Services.
  109. Vacuum Process Technology "We design an manufacture thin film systems primarily for optical coating applications. Our most noteable system is the 72" coater used by Doug Smith at the University of Rochester, Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) in support of the laser fusion Omega project."
  110. Varian "Varian Vacuum Products manufactures a broad range of leak detectors, vacuum pumps and accessories, gauges, and controls at its factories in Lexington, Massachusetts and Torino, Italy. These products are used in many industrial and scientific applications, including semiconductor manufacturing, high-energy physics, quality control, surface analysis, and space research. "
  111. Veeco| VEECO INSTRUMENTS (Europe) Ion Beam systems,Surface Metrology,Leak Testing.
  112. VG Microtech "VG Microtech makes components (used for DIY and upgrades) for surface analysis as well as complete, integrated surface analysis systems."
  113. Wenzel Electronics,Denmark Wenzel Electronics, Denmark - Vacuum instrumentation for measuring and controlling in industry and science.
  114. Woo Sung Vacuum Seoul,Korea Oil sealed rotary vacuum pumps.A mechanical booster pump and a chemical dry vacuum pump are also under development.

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