Surface Science

  1. Colutron Corporation

    "Colutron Corporation was founded in 1964 by Lars Wåhlin to conduct basic research in physics supported by the sales of scientific instruments. The Corporation was named after Colorado university. Both experimental and theoretical research has been performed at Colutron in the fields of Atomic, Atmospheric and Astrophysics." (Quoted from the Colutron Home Page.)

    Lars' publications 'Atmospheric Electrostatics' and 'The Deadbeat Universe' are downloadable in PDF format from the Colutron web site. Discussions about Ball lightning and other phenomena are included.

    Our two Colutrons here at the U of A have now been dismantled after many years of service.

    Two of a Number of Colutron Related U of A Papers:

  2. Chemical Industry Supplier Registry Manual compilation of chemical suppliers enabling buyers to easily source manufacturers for price and capacity of commodity and specialty chemicals by name or CAS registry number. Site includes new projects, free magazines, jobs, news and events.

  3. Ion Beam Implant Links (Case TEchnology)

  4. Materials Research and Semiconductors from Surguei at the University of Guelph.

  5. Omicron Instruments for surface science and UHV scanning probe microscopy.

  6. Particle Surface Resources on the Internet Maintained by Dr. Mark H. Shapiro at the Department of Physics, California State University, Fullerton.

  7. The SIMION Ion Source Software Page from The Idaho National Engineering Laboratory includes a downloadable demo.

  8. Surface Science Laboratories (Mountain View,Ca.)

    "Surface Science Laboratories is a commercial analytical laboratory specializing in materials analysis for failure analysis, QA/QC, process control and materials characterization. Techniques include ESCA, AES, FE-AES, FTIR, GC/MS, HPLC, GPC, SEM/EDX, FE-SEM, XRFand AFM." (Quoted from their announcement in

  9. Surface Science Western The University of Western Ontario's surface science home page.

  10. The UK ESCA Users Group Surface Science Site "The ESCA Users group is a forum for scientists from academia and industry with a common interest in Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis and surface science in general...."

  11. VG Microtech "VG Microtech makes components (used for DIY and upgrades) for surface analysis as well as complete, integrated surface analysis systems."

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