Have you ever wondered just how Thomas Edison pumped out that light bulb? Paul Redhead's well illustrated 'The Ultimate Vacuum', downloadable in PDF format from the Elsevier Science site, answers that and many more questions.

  1. Library Books A zipped list of vacuum related books available through university and other libraries. Books considered classics are marked with an asterisk,and may also be available through the American Vacuum Society's reprint service.

  2. The Bell Jar Archives [Link] also contain some highly recommended books.

  3. Elsevier Science (U.S. Mirror site link) Publishers of 'Vacuum' and many other resources. The downloadable article by Paul Redhead is a classic. (Use their search engine to look for: "P.A. Redhead, The ultimate vacuum, Vacuum (53) 1-2 (1999) pp. 137-149")

  4. Lindsay Publications or 815-935-5353.

    "John Strong's old classic, "Procedures in Experimental Physics" has been reprinted. In case you're not familiar with it, a lot of us old timers depended heavily on it...."Phil Danielson

  5. Noyes Data Corporation: Noyes Publications recently sent me a catalog of books related to Semiconductor Manufacture,Deposition /Films/Coatings,Communications, and Advanced Computing. Noyes' address is:

    Noyes Publications, 120 Mill Road,
    Park Ridge,N.J. 07656
    Phone (201) 391 8484, Fax (201) 391 6833

  6. The Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology
    A well known resource from The American Vacuum Society [Link], back issues are archived in most University science libraries.

  7. Phil Danielson's Articles (pdf format)

    "A Journal of Practical and Useful Vacuum Technology" including:

    1. The "Hows" and "Whys" to use and understand vacuum

    2. Insights about vacuum; based on personal observations and hands-on practice

    3. What's happening in the system and why

    4. Covering all forms of vacuum technology, from hardware to gas flow

    5. Drawing on 40+ years of experience in research, sales, and manufacturing

    6. Continuing the column written for Vacuum & Thin Film Magazine 1998-99

    7. The first four of a series of book reviews are now available. Phil is now a contributing author to R & D magazine so the rest of the planned series may be delayed a bit but should be there eventually.

  8. The Physics Today [Link] Buyer's Guide
    The buyer's guide contains lots of suppliers of vacuum and vacuum related products, if you don't already have it. Published by the American Institute of Physics, 500 Sunnyside Blvd.,Woodbury,N.Y. 11797-2999. Tel 1-800-344-6902.

  9. Research & Development Magazine

    An excellent source of up to date information on vacuum and thin films, etc.

  10. Solid State Technology [Link] Published monthly by PennWell Publishing Company,Solid State Technology magazine is primarily intended for wafer fabs,and frequently runs a Vacuum section. Recent articles have included "Helium Leak Testing Applications & Techniques" (October,1995), "Vacuum Technology for Flat Panel Displays" (August,1995), and "Vacuum UV source Boosts Cleaning Power" (May,1995). Solid State Technology's subscription fax number is: 918-312-9295,or just follow the link above to their new web site.

  11. SPIE Proceedings Abstracts [Link] Micromachining & Microfabrication,etc.

  12. Textbook Experimental Innovations In Surface Science by John T. Yates
    e-mail from Phil Danielson:
    ".....Speaking of books, I got a real winner yesterday. John T. Yates, Experimental Innovations In Surface Science.1998 Springer-Verlag, NY, ISBN 0-387-98332-5. Don't let the title throw you. It's not totally surface science. It's a 900 pager (about $85 US) with a lot of good and useful drawings. It includes a wealth of practical information on building and maintaining all kinds of vacuum goodies. This is an important book. Gerardo Brucker from SRS put me onto it saying it was the most useful he'd ever seen. He underestimated it......."

  13. Textbook Modern Vacuum Practice (Previously published by the McGraw Hill Book Company)
    by Nigel Harris, Manager, International Training Department, BOC Edwards UK

    An excellent practical guide, well illustrated and written in plain English.

  14. 'Vacuum' is archived in most University science libraries.
    The Elsevier Science (U.S. Mirror site link) web site has abstracts, PDF files, etc. available.

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