The SCMAFC 'Script'     2016  


January  News from the Past Page
              Importing a vehicle into Canada
              Christmas Party Report with photos



February  Who was John F. Wandersee?
                Look like a Model A man. Page
                2016 Tours and Events Calendar.

March   News from the Past
             JR Smith at the World of Wheels

April  Importance of Documentation
          Visit to Heritage Park Workshops
          A NW ‘MAFCA Region’ Activities Report
May   2017 NW Regional Meet Info
          Model ATech Talks
          National Park Vehicle Entry Passes
          Model ATouring Etiquette
June   2016 Events Calendar
          Iron Horse Park Tour
          Okotoks Ford Event
          2016 Safety Check and Tune Up

September  Aspen Crossing Tour
                  Three Hills Tour
                  Brokerlink Insurance Show and Shine
October   Memorial Tour
                Get Your Motor Running!
                Ignition Timing
November  Still Touring in Ontario
                  Model A Modifications -Tech Talk
                  Get your Motor Runnin’ Part #1
December  Model A Electrics
                 AATruck Project Sale Announcement
                 2016 Christmas Party Report
                 2016 Tour Season Report