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Updated January 7, 2020
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For Sale: Model "A" Ford parts: (Set) 1928-29 Cowl lamps, tail light, head light lens. Set of 1929 Alberta licence plates. Call: Harry @ 403-295-3229

For Rent:  Rural inside storage space for rent. Jim 403 637 2412

FREE:  1928 or 1930 ?  Model A spoked wheels and partial rear end.  Phone laura 403 242 6869.

For Sale: 1929 Model A Roadster.  Restored by Gord Watt.  Model B Engine, Ryan Overdrive, 1935 Wheels, Rumble Seat.  Contact Troy Dillabough @ 403-240-4668

 For Sale: 1931 Ford Model A Coupe, 6 volt alternator, light blue vinyl interior. Definitely a driver, starts every time. $17,000 or Best Reasonable Offer……maybe.  phone: 403-874-5505 

For Sale:  I have tons of Ford model A parts, also a lot of AR. Let me know what you need. Gary @ 250 404 0104 or Email  Located in Summerland, B.C  Can ship.

 For Sale:  I have some original used Model A Ford parts on Kijiji including most of an engine, an exhaust system, some 19” rims, a couple of diffs, and a half axle housing. Call Jim at 403-993-6648.

 For Sale:  1928/29 model A cab and miscellaneous parts for sale. Cab is disassembled. New roof , frame and floor woodkits. Cowls, cowl sections. Grill shell. Pair of rear steel fenders. Cab corners and hood. Please contact for a more detailed description. Grant in Edmonton  780 481 1570.

For Sale: 1928 AR Closed Cab Pickup. This is a ‘project truck’ which was running and complete before being disassembled with the intent of restoring it.  I have now abandoned hope of restoring it myself but have continued to keep it in a dry indoor shop environment on Oras Road NE of Rocky Mountain House.  Asking $2,000.  Stacey Pankrat.  Cell. 403-660-7650. < >

For Sale:  Restored Powerhouse Generators – Original 1928 powerhouse restored generators for sale. Various P1, P2 & P3 models subject to availability. Cdn. & US Mfg. Price vary w/ exchange and core trade-in availability. For further details or inquiry Contact – Dan Adams (403) 238-9616 or Murray Walkemeyer (403) 809-5277. E-mail contact - Location – Calgary , Alberta. 

Wanted  I’m in need of  2 or 4 19” tires in good shape. The ones I have are not good enough for any long trips.  Thank you, call or email. Paul                               604-807-3634

Wanted: Working 1930 Model A Horn. Please contact me with a price at 403-382-0369 or email

Wanted:   Either a 6v generator or alternator ( positive ground). Need to be in good usable condition ready to fit and go!  Car  in Invermere BC. Thank you.   email

Wanted:  Wheel Wrench for 30" Hayes wire wheels 2 1/4" across the flats. This is the wrench that removes the outer hub cap. Call Jack at 778-558-5675.

Wanted:  Paint code to correctly paint Canadian “Evergreen” on an early 1928 Tudor.  Any information on beltline color, reveal color and appropriate pin stripe color would also be appreciated.  Please e-mail –

 Wanted: I am looking for a Canadian 1928-29 model A pick up cab for a model AAC 1 1/2 ton truck restoration. Please contact me with price and location. Thank you, Malcolm Murray 204-841-0203 Neepawa, Manitoba

 Wanted:  Looking for a 1931 or 32 Ford Model A Deluxe in good condition. Hopefully an all steel, Canadian car with tan paint and brown leather interior. Several in the USA for sale but prefer to buy in Canada if possible. Contact Rob Wadsworth at 403 828-6270 or at wad_ca@  

Wanted:  Looking for a Complete stock Model A or B Chassis! Wheels not important, doesn't need to be restored. Also would look at a A-B motor or a B distributor! Also looking for whole 27-31 bodies Any T, A or B parts will be considered, Let me know what you have!                 403-994-1529   Mike, Acme Alberta

Wanted: I'm looking for original Champion 3X Canada Spark plugs ,wheel stem hardware (Dill or Schrader) and other rare CDN parts, will pay top dollar, these are so hard to find. Can also trade a few goodies. Thank you Kevin. Email or phone 403-248-8575 collect.

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