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Our sister engineering firm for all our special engineering requests

KNH Engineering is a quality engineering firm in the west coast city of Vancouver , B.C. Canada. their size is small but  experience and capabilities are great. As one of only a hand full of companies who  are licensed for not only British Columbia but almost all the Provinces in Canada  a long with most of the Western United States. They offer a variety of professional  services including structural engineering, project management, construction  administration, building inspections, expert witness, and design services.

KNH has been serving the engineering needs of truss and floor manufactures ,  architects and builders across North America since 1988. With a strong background in  design and construction, plus a variety of project experience, KNH is well qualified to  design safe and economic structures. The firm is based on the philosophy that structural  integrity is a product of the professional integrity of our engineers. Their experience,  expertise, and commitment affect the strength and beauty of a structure every bit as much  as the materials used to build it.

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Services  Offered

Manufactured Wood Truss Sealed Drawings --- KNH Engineering provides structural  engineering services for commercial, institutional, governmental, residential, and  manufacturing projects. Documents are computer generated and supplied to the clients on  request. The analysis is aided by structural analysis software and the design is developed  with sound engineering experience in mind.

Beam Calculations and Sizing "Wood  and Steel"

Stress analysis - Deflection analysis

Post and Column Sizing analysis

Specialty Hanger Certification

Structural Design and Blue Prints  (Residential & Commercial)

Structural analysis/design of unique  building structures

In structural areas KNH focuses on analysis and/or design of very unique building  systems such as large foundations, strong floors and support structures reacting to high  loads. The analysis usually involves finite element modeling and the design includes CAD  drawings and specifications. KNH has experience in structural dynamics with earthquake,  seismic and shock loads.

Stress analysis of products

Site Framing Inspection

Project Engineering

Drafting on Computer

Project engineering from conception to  start-up

Quality Control

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