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Jungian Analysis

Shirley Halliday

Diplomate Analyst (Zurich)

Jungian Analyst

Jungian Analysis

Jungian analysis provides a safe and contained space where in confidence one's life story can be explored and hopefully new chapters developed. Like a journey, it is a process that takes time as it is a therapeutic approach for treating psychological issues that concerns itself with interactions between conscious and unconscious elements in the psyche and the bringing of repressed fears and conflicts into awareness.

Additional information about Jungian Analysis and Shirley Halliday (the Analyst) have been placed in the following pages:

Further Information About Analysis.
(What analysis is; Why one might consider analysis; Possible outcomes of analysis; Individuation)
Further Information about Shirley Halliday.

Brochure Describing Shirley's Analytic Practice in Vancouver.

Links to Other Sites About Analytical Psychology and C.G. Jung.

If you desire further information you can contact Shirley directly (see Brochure) or via e-mail

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