(al-x-ond-rah day-g)

Alex, Alex, wherefor art thou , Alex?

By all appearances, it seems the NHL will be Daigle-less this year, since reports indicate Alex is considering the possibility of taking a full year off from hockey.  Since the season has begun, and Daigle has not signed with any team, this appears to be the case. Poor me! Yes! Me! Don't worry about him! Me! What am I going to to do without a single hilarious Daigle joke for the entire year?  I feel so betrayed. A man like that, with such an excellent sense of style, and a sense of humour that makes my sides hurt (not to mention his looks stop people dead in their tracks) should be forced to remain in the public eye.  I know, its selfish, and I really do hope he is
completely happy, but I'll miss him.

So, Alex, if you think of something hilariously funny to say, email it to me!!

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