To the tune or Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett
                                               Written by Jen
Early on game day
Watchin' pre game skate
All of those players down on the ice
He's doing The Jason
 It gets my heart racin'
Mattias and Tuzzi are looking real nice

Hanging out in Canuckville
Watching my hockey boys beat the Leafs, Wings and Stars
Some people claim that there's a Cup to win
But I know
It's already ours

I know my team's the reason
We've got a long season
We'll be playing hockey long into June
Matt's a real beauty
And Jason's a cutie
If you don't think so
You don't have a clue


We met them at 8 Rink
Saw them on the golf links
Cheered at Todd's brand new blonde 'do
That Peter's a hottie
Brendan makes me feel naughty
And Brent and Harold are damn cute too

Last Chorus:
Cheering away in GM Place again
Watching Bob steer the puck away from the goal
Some people claim that we'll be playing in June
And I know
They'll bring the Cup home