"The Carnival Brunch"
To the tune of the Brady Bunch, theme song.  Okay, they're not all to hit tunes. At the carnival this year, we were hoping to help out at the brunch.  But as it turned out, we spent the day taking pictures in a photo booth with some of the players!
It's a story, of a man named Trevor, who was playing with a great Vancouver team
All of them were nice and kind, like their captain, the young ones too it did seem.
It's story, of a man named Keenan, who kept losing and didn't want to take the fall
He had 24 men, none of who he did like (except Mark), so he traded them all.
Then this one day when Mike Keenan met Brian Burke
And he knew that it was much more than hunch,
That his coaching days here, were close to over and he'd miss the carnival brunch!
The Carnival Brunch! The Carnival Brunch!
Jennie, Pam and Jodi will all be helping at the Carnival Brunch!!!!!!